First Monday

It’s Resolution Monday!  First Monday, of the first month, of the new year.  Typically, when I make a new year’s resolution, this is the day I set as my “start day.”  I never begin on Jan. 1st. 

Did you make any resolutions this year?  I was going to say that I didn’t, but I suppose I sort of did.  Not like quitting smoking or anything like that.  (Hey!  Has it actually been 3 years already since I quit?!)  Not like diet or exercising.  I’m already committed to a diet that I have no intention of deviating from.

But, I’m up early.  Considering my typical vampire nature, this is a major switch, and it’s my plan for going forward.  So that’s my resolution, I suppose – human hours.  I’ve struggled with this my entire life, so there’s no guarantee of success.

I do want to get the kids on a more regimented schedule though.  New school year starts today!  The newly anointed 6th and 3rd grader aren’t too pleased about this but … tough.  Ogre mom has decided and that’s the end of that!  I’ve got my class schedules all planned out, assignments assigned, and their alarm is set. 

We’re going for a new normal here.  Wish us luck!

How about you?  Any changes for 2013?


Our sunrise this morning.  🙂

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4 thoughts on “First Monday

  1. ArunaAdvaney

    Good morning. 🙂 I’m awake by accident, but I did resolve to start my day earlier, anyway.

    I started my year by moving my computer, desk and internet to a larger room so I can continue my new fitness regimen that I started in November.

    My new fitness regimen is this young lady:

    Among other other instructors, but she’s ^ my fave. The cable TV workouts just weren’t cuttin’ it anymore, so I switched to YouTube workouts, but the room where the computer was for 5 years is just way too cramped & loaded with baggage – literally and figuratively! So here I am in my new workspace! 🙂 I’m so excited!

    Oh what a good idea, moving things around like that! Good for you! I bet that helps with staying motivated too. 🙂

    Blogilates – what a great name, I love it! 🙂


  2. Happy 1st Monday & good luck with the new regimen! And congrats on quitting! Just realized I quit 10 years ago yesterday!(I didn’t start on the 1st either)

    Beautiful sunrise this morning….have a great day!!


    Thanks, MR! Wow, 10 years for you?! Congratulations! Doesn’t it seem almost as though you never really smoked? I’m starting to feel that way. I haven’t even dreamed about it in soooo long, either.

    It was a gorgeous sunrise! I hope you had one too. 😀


  3. I’ll be praying for you sweetheart. I love you all and am in your corner. There’s no guarantee of success, but this is something you have control over because you’ve done it before. The kids need it so you’ll suck it up as you always do.

    Great picture too! Nice job!

    Thanks Love! And thanks for rooting for me too. 🙂 Love you!


  4. Want to be more patient, sensitive and indulgent needs of others.

    Well good luck with that, Carl! I never would have guessed that you felt you weren’t patient and sensitive. You’ve always seemed so, to me. 🙂


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