Catch up!

A new year, new schedule, new routines, and new ways to fall behind! 

As with all new things, there is always a period of adjustment.  This is mine!  Switching from night to morning hours is good, but my sleep is all mucked up now.  Which means my husband’s is too, poor guy!  Hopefully things will settle down soon and we can both get some decent shut-eye.

Naturally, my time is less too, now that I’m back to homeschooling.  Teaching and grading papers and checking work – it’s like a job in and of itself.  Who knew?  Heh.  😉

And that housework!  Greedy place, demanding so much attention!  LOL  Someone should invent a home that takes care of itself. 

But I’ll get there, fear not!  I am slowly but surely getting through all things in my Reader.  :) 

Time to make another pot of coffee!

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One thought on “Catch up!

  1. Don’t worry about me, babe. I’ll get right or die trying. 😉 You’re going to be fine, and if the house work gets a little behind, well… that’s what weekends are for. I’m happy to pitch in and help.

    Mmmmm… cooooooofffffffeeeeeeeee

    You’re a good husband, and I love you. 🙂

    Coffee’s ready! 🙂


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