Walla Walla Bing Bang!

My son is such a character!  I confess, there are times I get a little silly around the house, and I like to sing the chorus to this song.  I’ve never known the whole song, just the chorus, and I like it because it’s fun, and goofy.  It makes the kids laugh.  Okay, mostly roll their eyes but they do laugh too.  😀

My boy loves Sonic the Hedgehog.  He loves to watch videos of Sonic, and sometimes he sends me links to Sonic videos.  No, I’m not into Sonic myself, but I am into my son.  So I watch his Sonic videos.  It makes him happy.  Well, he went looking for the words to that little chorus I like to sing, and he found them in a Sonic video, which he was only too eager to share with me, lol. 

This is what happens when boys combine their mother’s silliness with their favorite cartoon character!



Today’s sunrise.  Still have that cloud bank on the horizon, over the lake. 

Do you have a favorite silly song you sing?

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One thought on “Walla Walla Bing Bang!

  1. Love you guys. Very cute.

    Thanks Love! Love you back! *kisses*


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