clip_image001Perhaps it’s nothing more than the doldrums of winter and cabin fever.  Perhaps it’s just part of the new routine.  My daughter generally wakes up grumpy and my son does not.  He really is more of a morning guy and likes that we’re getting up early now.  My daughter, the night owl, not so much.  He likes to rub her face in her grumpiness, which naturally causes her to be not just grumpy, but irritated.  And then the sparks fly!  Usually from me because by that time I’m sick of listening to them both. 

Most of the time, by the time they’re done with breakfast, they’re both in generally pretty good moods.  I should institute a “NO talking until breakfast is done!” rule, heh.  Yeah, that’ll work, lol. 

In other news, we found out why our new Internet service hasn’t been so hot lately.  We called over the weekend and they sent a man out Sunday, and poor guy – he worked several hours in freezing rain, checking all the cable boxes they have in the area.  Turns out a mouse had moved into one of the boxes and was chewing on some wires.  He said it tends to happen rather regularly during the cold months, and I remembered when that happened in a car I had about 20 years ago or so.  Maybe I’ll tell you about that on a Whensday post. 

So all’s well that ends well, well, except for the mouse, ha!

How was your weekend? 

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Today’s sunrise – or lack thereof.  At least temps are decent for January!


Clipped from It’s a Forever Bond – Cheezburger

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4 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Decent?! These are PHENOMENAL!

    It’s been amazing! Had the door open most of the day today, too. 🙂


  2. If this happens every winter why don’t they have a mouse-proof box?

    I kinda wondered that myself! Haven’t we invented the perfect mouse trap yet?


  3. Bob

    Oh my god… that picture of the cats, look just like the two cats we had. They also fought quite a bit. I need to show that picture to Bobette.

    Hey Bob! Good to see you!

    I noticed you said “had.” Don’t you still have Oliver and the other one? (I’m sorry, I can’t recall that one’s name!)

    Please email me when the wedding is, so we can at least send a card!


  4. I hope the mousie found somewhere else warm to hole up for the winter. 🙂

    Ummm … uhhh … well, you see … I think the cable guy found him a nice warm spot in mousie heaven.


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