I Plead the 5th

Wednesday, that is!  It is a built in day of hooky for me.  See, the way I have my chore chart set up, since we don’t do school on Wednesdays, that’s when I have my heavier tasks scheduled.  But most months only have 4 weeks, and that 5th Wednesday just kind of floats around out there with nothing on it.  So I claimed it as my hooky day, a day to play without guilt, nothing scheduled.  And since there are only 3-4 of those a year, there’s no guilt about taking too many days off.  Win win!

So it’s not just a “Hump Day” for me, it’s a “Humpity Hump Day!”  LOL 

Sorry, that was lame. 🙂

My friend goes in for surgery this afternoon so I’ll be praying a lot.  Hopefully this will solve what’s been ailing her, and the biopsy will come back negative. 

What are your plans for the day?  Do you have a scheduled free day too?

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One thought on “I Plead the 5th

  1. I don’t really have set chores, but I have things I need to do every day such as bring in firewood. After a while I get enough wood stockpiled so I can take a day or two off and it is so nice.

    I love those times I get caught up, too. 🙂 Doesn’t it make you feel so productive? 🙂


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