Sparkling Pink

This is our little Valentine’s Day tree.  For now, I’ve used some Christmas ornaments that aren’t exactly Christmas-y, or Christmas colored.  I have more Valentine themed stuff on the way though, so it’ll have hearts on it soon, too.  :) 

Do you do any special decorating for St Valentine’s Day? 



I took a close up of one of the ornaments – now you know I think of you often, Sparkling Red!  😀


Sunrise, so to speak.  What I found most interesting about this one is the neighbor’s car is gone.  Which means the neighbors aren’t home.  Which means it’s quiet.  *sighsofcontentment* 

And now the blizzard has started – the update I just got says 4-8 inches by midnight.  Safe journeys to my husband, and all the other commuters out there who have to drive in the mess.

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One thought on “Sparkling Pink

  1. Yay! 😀 What a pretty tree! Also, you make my insides feel warm’n’fuzzy.

    Aww, thanks Spark! And your insides feel warm and fuzzy because you ARE warm and fuzzy! *HUGS* back! 🙂


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