This GIF made me laugh. 


And then it reminded me of when I was a very little girl, and lived in this house:

Childhood House A

Of course, when I lived there, things were a little different.  There were no solar panels on the roof back then.  And that huge pine tree in the front yard?  I helped my father plant it.  It was about 4 feet tall when we planted it – it was about as big as I was.  Maybe even a bit bigger. 

Anyway, as you can see, it’s a 2-story house.  One of my most favorite games to play was to get a blanket and then sit on it at the top of the stairs, pull the bottom edge up and hang on to it, and then whoosh with bumpity-bump-bumps all the way down!  When I was 3, that was probably the “funnest game ever”.  :D 

Can’t forget though, in addition to sliding down those stairs, I also fell down them more than once.  Yes, I know you’re thinking, “Well, that explains a lot!”  LOL

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4 thoughts on “Whensday

  1. ArunaAdvaney

    Lol, cute. 🙂

    That’s a nice house!


    Wasn’t it though? Can you believe my parents only paid something like $12.5k for it? I wasn’t even 5 when they sold it, so I don’t have too many memories of living there.


  2. Not Shawn McDonald

    Schrödinger’s cat becomes Shaun White’s cat.

    After I looked up who Shaun White is – I got it! That’s funny! 😀


  3. I remember the day you TOOK those pics. 🙂

    Well, not that particular one – that came from Google. But, close enough!


  4. Oh man, that cat got more than s/he bargained for!

    Didn’t she though? LOL


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