Piles and piles and piles of snow.  For some reason, the maintenance crew hasn’t plowed the parking spaces yet.  Typically they’re pretty on top of plowing, even going out at 5 AM to get the place cleared, but this time, nothing.  They didn’t even do the sidewalks until after 1 AM.  It’s very strange.  One resident was out there last night trying to dig himself out, poor guy. 

The snow was really coming down yesterday, too.  You can see how it’s covered the tree trunk vertically! 


It looks pretty, like a powdered sugar world.


Tons of powdered sugar. 


My world is white and gray right now.  Which is still way better than orange.  Heh.

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3 thoughts on “Snow

  1. that doesn’t look so bad. I had to push a neighbour’s car because he got stuck at the end of his driveway.

    It wasn’t as bad as it’s been in some storms but half a foot is half a foot and when you can’t plow your own parking/drive and the place that’s supposed to do it for you, doesn’t, well, that’s a pain.

    Sounds like you guys had a doozy of a storm up there! Stuck in the driveway?! That sucks! Good for you for helping him. 🙂


  2. Snow collapsed a tree onto my mothers car last night. That was the first time she didn’t park in the garage in years.

    Oh no! That’s terrible! I hope no one was hurt!

    Hopefully she’ll be able to park in the garage whenever the snow’s gonna fly in the future.

    Did the tree damage anything else?


  3. Upper 40’s a bit here in Miami this weekend but last week a few hot, muggy ones and needed to turn on AC !

    I knew someone would be around to rub it in! LOL 😀 Upper 40s sound gorgeous right about now. 🙂


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