Typical Tuesday

My son said, “We don’t have sunrise, we have cloudrise.”  He cracks me up!  😀

As it stands now, we’ve had about 6-ish inches, and probably more on the way. 

It’s been a busy day for me!  I’ve had a lot on my plate, but only 6 more days until school vacation! 

I was talking to the maintenance guy who came to fix the fan in my bathroom, and we were talking about things we like to do.  MG D, remember him?  He’s the one who put my new light in a couple weeks ago.  He told me he likes to work with his hands – he’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades with construction type stuff, so he’s a perfect fit for the job he does.  Me, I like gardening.  I mentioned that I’d rip out the little juniper shrubs near our patio if I could.  His reply?  “So rip ‘em out!  Plant stuff!  Do what you love to do, you’ll only make it look nicer.” 

That kind of response only tempts and encourages me, heh.

I’m telling you, the coming Spring is giving me itchy garden fingers!  I just might have to do something about it this year.  🙂

So how’s your day been?

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Sun – er – cloudrise, 03-05-13. 

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