It’s officially the 1st day of school vacation for me and the kids.  Yay!  So far they’ve been playing and eating, and I’ve been catching up with my Reader.  And housework, there is always housework! 

Now that I have a bit of free time, if you can call it that, I can address some household projects I’ve had my eye on.  Spring is coming, after all, and those cleaning tasks are just begging to get done.  Closets and cupboards and shelves, oh my!  LOL 

This past weekend was just play time though.  Time to do nothing but relax.  No time constraints, no plans, no pressures.  For even vacations bring their own versions of responsibilities so I’m geared up now. 

How about you?  Rested and relaxed?

Don’t forget, St Patrick’s Day’s a-coming!  Kitty hasn’t forgotten.  😉

I thout yu'd want sumthing  to remember yur parrot by.

I thout yu’d – Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?



Monday 03-11-13 noonish.  Cheerful, no?

Since I won’t be up at sunrise for the next few weeks, I figured I’d document the day with lunchtime shots.  :) 

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