Friday I took a bunch of cupcakes over to the office.  I added a bit of mint to the batch, in honor of St Patrick’s Day.  The kids loved the batch they got to keep, they’re almost gone!  LOL 


We went shopping this weekend and Darc picked up a camera.  He wrote about it on his blog.  He’s pretty excited!  He spent all afternoon reading about it and playing with it.  I’m pretty excited too.  I’ve never had anything other than a “point and shoot” so this will be a nice change.  Now I can take portraits of the kids!  That will be so nice, because I haven’t had any since my local Walmarts closed their in-store photography studios.  I think my daughter was 2 when they did that, so we are really in need of some new pictures. 

Today I saw there were birds flocking around my patio.  I couldn’t figure out why until I realized that something my upstairs neighbor tossed over last night was attracting them.  I don’t know what the heck they were doing up there at all hours of the night, but it sounds like bowling.  Or multiple bodies hitting the floor.  Then she kept going in and out on her deck, and every time she opens her patio door, she whips it open and it makes this loud sliding sound along our wall.  She put her dog out there for a few minutes until he started barking at something.  He barks at dirt, that dog.  A real reflection of his owner. 

The birds were cute though. 



This weekend I actually started putting together a list of gardening things to get!  I haven’t picked up gardening supplies since before my son was born, I think.  I am so excited!  Soon I will have pots of flowers on my little patio.  It’ll be so wonderful! 

And here’s our midday picture of the day.  Can you believe we actually got a Winter weather advisory this morning?!  *sigh*  Chicagoland doesn’t really know the meaning of Spring.  Oh well.  It lives in my heart and I guess that’s all that matters. 


Midday 03-18-13

So how was your weekend?

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