New WLW Plug-in

Oh my gosh, this is the coolest plug-in for Windows Live Writer

You know how much I love my beloved Live Writer.  I don’t blog without it.  I’m not sure I’d even know how to use the WordPress post editor anymore.  Live Writer can do pretty much everything the WP Editor can, except it does it all offline from your desktop.  You can tweak all kinds of things from Live Writer, including your pages, as well as your posts.  Best stand-alone blog editor EVER.  🙂

I went to their website to see if there was anything new.  And I found this:

Picture from phone

Insert pictures from your phone directly into a Windows Live Writer. Skip the hassle of USB cables, Bluetooth, e-mail, picture synchronization, or using external services like Dropbox or Skydrive. The plugin displays a one-time QR code. After scanning the code with your phone you are brought to a web site that allows you to choose a picture from your phone. The picture is then relayed back to Windows Live Writer. This entire process takes seconds.

Pasted from <Windows Live Writer Plug-ins – Picture from phone>

This makes getting a picture from my phone to Windows Live Writer SO much easier and faster! 

I’ve used the USB cable to transfer pics from my phone to my computer.  I’ve also uploaded pics directly to WP from my phone to save as a draft and then downloaded them back to WLW to tweak them and write my posts.  Yes, being able to post from your phone or tablet is amazing, but who can type on those little keys?  Not me.  Besides, I’m at home with a full sized keyboard and screen, not out and about with just my phone for a blogging tool.  For me, phone blogging is pretty much a “for emergencies only” kind of thing and honestly, how often is that?  Right. 

I love this.  Live Writer and my phone pics, married at last!

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03-20-13.  A gorgeous day for the first day of Spring!  Also flipping cold!  Single digits this morning and we won’t get up to 20, most likely. 

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