The refrigerated stuff is put away, and so is the freezer stuff.  Thought I’d take a little break before I put away everything else and start dinner. 

So how are you? 

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Late afternoon 03-21-13.  It’s lovely today!  And not bad, temperature-wise, we’re sitting at a balmy 31, just below freezing.  Believe you me, there are lots of people running around in shorts today.  Not me, of course, but lots of the natives around here do that. 


Some guy I saw while I was waiting in the car for Darc to come out of a store, a couple Januarys ago. 

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2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I don’t understand shorts in January, miniskirts in January, ballet-flats-without-socks in January, and a number of similar wardrobe choices. I regularly see underdressed university students shivering at my on-the-way-home-from-work bus stop.


    • It’s craziness, Spark! What is it that makes these folks dress so insanely for the given weather conditions? I will never understand. And I’m from CA!


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