I’ve been feeling so frantic lately, and it’s all Google’s fault.  They’re doing away with Reader and I’ve been trying to find a new one to replace it, which means exploring tons of options.  Okay, maybe not tons, but at least a couple dozen – same thing!  Each feed reader comes with its own quirks and learning curve and all that stuff, and I feel like I have to dothisrightnow!  I know Google said we have until July 1st, but that’ll be here sooner than I think so I have to get started NOW.  *sigh*

I figured I’d do a bunch of posts on my findings in a week or 2.  :)  Hey, you have to take the blog fodder where you find it!

So are you ready for Easter? 

I love Easter.  Yes, because it’s the most awesome of days in terms of being a Christian, but also for a more personal reason.  My grandmother, God rest her soul, was born on Easter Sunday, so she was given Easter as a middle name.  Her friends called her that though.  I always thought it was cool to be Easter’s granddaughter.  It has a nice ring to it.  :)  It made me feel connected to the holiday in a way that went beyond it being simply a holiday.  I am here because of Easter, both spiritually AND physically.  😀


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Lovely blue for lunchtime today!  03-28-2013

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6 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. That is a cool name! Happy (upcoming) Easter to you!


  2. I’ve started using feedly. It’s super easy to migrate.


    • Feedly is awesome. 🙂 I like the sharing – it’s even better on Chrome, where the Bufferapp works. That one doesn’t work in Feedly on Firefox yet. Oh boy, the chaos! LOL I hope to have some posts up on the different feed readers in a week or so.


  3. I migrated my list of blogs to The Old Reader. It’s pretty much exactly the same as Google reader, however they were obviously unprepared for the sudden influx of users, so it’s extremely slow. Right now I’m sticking with the Google reader while the Oldies get their servers upgraded.


    • The Old Reader is pretty cool! I’ve checked that one out. As of now, they don’t really have sharing capabilities, but they might in the future. 🙂


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