Happy Easter!

Have a blessed, and joyful Easter celebration. 

He lives!





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Chasing Rainbows

The kids caught sight of a rainbow this afternoon, so we ran outside to get some pictures.  🙂




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Happy Birthday!





Yes, that means the pretty princess,

the MiniNess,

turns 7 today!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!











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Happy Independence Day!

Yes!  It makes me happy! 

Celebrate our freedom and liberty! 

Have a wonderful, fireworks filled day. 

















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It’s a Boy!





to our friend


and his lovely wife


on the birth of their son!

Another voice to add to the Christmas Choir!

We wish you much joy and happiness with your little boy.

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Big 10 Inch

It’s 10 full inches!  I kid you not!

I’ve had this song going through my head since Thursday. 

Aerosmith–Big 10 Inch


We got a new bed.  A new bed!  Oh my gosh!  For years we’ve been sleeping on this piece of crap – CRAP – that looked like a bed, but was really little more than a glorified hammock.  It’s a long story, the trials our backs have been through in the last 10 years and the how’s and why’s aren’t all that important here. 

Anyway, our old bed was fairly standard height, I thought.  Came up about 20” from the floor, easy to sit down on from a standing position.  But this new bed sits 10” higher.  This puppy is a full 30” from the floor.  Let me put it this way – if I were a guy and wore guy’s pants, my inseam would be 32.  Yep, I have to climb into this bed just to sit on it!  I think I’m going to need a step.  Seriously.  It’s nearly half my height!  When did beds get so freakin’ high?  That 10” is the difference between getting into bed, and climbing into bed. 

I confess, it is easier to make it since I don’t have to bend over as far, but still.  I get into it more than I change the sheets.  I’m think I’m going to look into steps.

10” steps.

Here’s a picture I took right after the delivery guys left, so you can see I’m not making it up about how tall it is.  090811164257

My back has been saying, “Ahhh!” since then.  Smile  Every day seems a little bit better than the day before.  I know it will take some time for it to totally readjust from the hella-bed we had before, but so far things look promising.  Woo!  Thank you God for the new bed! 

And even for the 10” too.  Smile

Yeah, I know what you were thinking there.  Perverts.  Heheheheh.  Open-mouthed smile

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funny pictures - Single Page Multiple Tabs Firefox page display optionsI’m a bit of a geek.  Not much, but a little.  My husband had to set up some things on his computer and I volunteered for the task.  Figured out why his Firefox install wouldn’t open the new tab to the page he wanted it to, too.  Now it works like he wants, his computer is set up like he wants, and my guy is a happy computer camper.  In all the years I’ve known him, I don’t think he’s been as pleased with his computer set-up as he is now.

For that matter, that goes for me too.  Smile

My little tablet came in a few days early – joy jumps galore!  I got the Kindle App on there right away and now I don’t have to read on my little 2” phone screen, and I don’t need my reading light.  Now I have a big (by comparison!) 7” tablet screen.  I think I downloaded close to 30 books that night – all free, so the tablet has already paid for itself, and I’ve only gone through the first couple hundred items of Google’s free section.  There are over 15,000 items in there!  It will take me months to go through it too, so I won’t suffer from any reading shortage for probably years.  Hallelujah!  I felt like a junkie getting multiple fixes all at once.  Oooh, that one looks good!  Click!  Hey, I’ve always wanted to read that one!  Click!  And like magic they show up on my tablet, ready for me to dig in.  The thing I love about my tablet is that it does everything my smartphone does, except the phone part, only bigger.  So I can web surf, download apps, take pictures, and have a kick-ass eReader too.  All for less than the cost of a Kindle.  Technology is so awesome.  Smile  And I am so grateful.  A mere 6 mos ago the thought of actually owning anything like this seemed like some kind of impossible dream.  God is good.  Smile

My house is a disaster though!  I spent so much time setting up computers and running around and yes, being lazy too, that I didn’t get a wisp of housework done.  It shows!  It’s the kind of day to throw a roast in the oven so I don’t have to worry about dinner while I get my butt in gear and get some stuff done.  Monday has its advantages!  Often it’s nice to get back in the groove, back in the routine of things.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment in a way, and a sense of accomplishment is a wonderful thing.  Open-mouthed smile

So how was your weekend?

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