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Yay! More to the book list! 🙂

J. Dane Tyler

Great Gams Cover 1 ReducedI’m happy to announce my latest release, a short story called Great Gams, is now LIVE on the Amazon Kindle store!

And even MORE good news – starting tomorrow and going through the Ides of March (which is March 15, 2013, if you don’t know), it will be FREE for the downloading! After that, it goes back to its regular price of 99¢, so get yours while it’s FREE!

Click the image to get yours today!


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I just realized I never got my post up today! 

Oh well, nothing interesting happened today anyway, and I suppose there really wasn’t anything on my mind worth sharing. 

Here’s our version of sunrise though!  From this morning.  Aren’t you jealous?  LOL

I hope your day was wonderful!

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The Apples Don’t Fall Far

We had so much fun last night, teaching Skype to our kids.  Of course, we had to learn to use that particular software ourselves first, lol.  It’s no secret we met online way back in the day, Darc and I, so it only seems fitting that we teach our kids to chat online. 

Besides, what could be more fun than to interrupt your kids’ while they’re watching videos?  😉

Seriously though, it dovetails in well with teaching them typing in homeschool.  This gives them an application to use the skills they’re learning, and to appreciate them.  Learning typing isn’t much fun, but playing with chat programs on the computer is, so now they have a desire to work on their typing skills so they can chat faster.  See?  There is a method to my madness.  😈 

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Sunrise 02-26-13.  We’re supposed to get a snow storm beginning later today.  They say we could get up to 6”.  Such innocent looking clouds, portending such doom! 


Heh, yeah, doom!  I can’t even see out my patio window because it’s covered in snow drizzle, so I had to open up the front door to get this one.  It’s really coming down and it’s only been snowing for about an hour. 

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Not Much

You know, I’m still trying to figure out how I have less time now since I’ve been getting up early, than I did before when I was staying up late.  Hmm.

Hopefully I’ll nail this time management issue.  Soon!

Do you feel more productive at night or during the day?


Not much of a sunrise today, but there was a heck of a storm last night!  Lots of thunder and hail!

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Still Early

Back to our grind today.  :)  It was a nice day off, the kids got to run around and play, I got some housework done, and I got to talk to my friend.  Today is her doctor’s appointment.  *praying*

My son told me today that’s he’s glad we’re getting up so early now.  He always was a morning boy, he just adapted to the nighttime ways of his sister and me.  He loves the sunrises.  🙂

I inventoried my freezer today – how do those leftovers pile up?!  I probably have enough for a weeks worth of dinners!  That ought to save on the grocery bill, right? 

I ordered a typing program for the kids, for their school.  I figure they’re never too young to learn.  Most likely any job they have when they grow up, or any correspondence they do with friends when they get older, will involve typing to some degree.  I’ve been having them play on some of the keyboards we have laying around, to get familiar with them, teaching them what I remember from my own typing classes all those years ago.  My daughter made me laugh – “It makes my pinkies tired!”  Oh yeah?  Well try doing the “a;a;a;a;” routine on a manual typewriter!  LOL  Just wait  until they get to “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” part!  Ouch!  Guess I’ll be brushing up on my skills, too.  🙂

Off to marinate my chicken for dinner tonight.  What are your plans for the afternoon?

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This morning’s sunrise.

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Day Two

The first day school went really well!  The kids were happy and excited to get their work done earlier in the day. They were glad they got up early.  My son even apologize for having been so critical of the change in our previous normal.  They’re actually looking forward to day two!

As for me, it was nice to get all my work done early, too.  I’m not normally a day person, so this has been a nice change of pace. I’m even looking forward to seeing how things go today, maybe even more than the kids.  After all, starts are easy – it’s maintaining them that’s hard.

Assuming I can get them out of bed, lol. 


How are you doing with your resolutions?

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