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Chicago Sucks, unless you’re a criminal

Got a rap sheet? Step right up  (Thanks to Chicago Hires Criminals to be Police by Dr. John Lott)

I read the above article.  There were a couple of interesting quotes, to me.

“They’re among dozens of people restored to the Chicago Police Department’s hiring list after they were found unfit to become cops.”

“The Human Resources Board, made up of three members appointed by Mayor Daley, acknowledged there is no legal reason for it to hear appeals from police applicants.”

It’s no secret that the Chicago Police Dept. has a BAD reputation.  Now I read that they have a practice of hiring people who were deemed by other police departments to be unfit to serve as cops.  But the Daley appointed board said for the Chicago Police Dept. to put them back on the hiring lists.  And the Daley appointed board also said there was no legal reason for it to even hear appeals from application rejects.  Why would Daley appoint a board that makes it okay for the police department to hire criminals?  Why would this Human Resources Board TELL the CPD to hire these people?  The situation begs a lot of interesting questions, doesn’t it?  I mean really, why hire criminals?  Unless it’s easier to pay them off to leave your friends alone.  Easier to pay them off to look the other way.  I mean, they’re already criminals, so how hard would it be to make them shut up if you, as a city official, tell them to forget they saw something?  I’m just speculating here, but seriously, what the hell?  How does this kind of crap happen in Chicago, hmm, Richie?  Is the CPD there to cover for YOU or to serve and protect the people of Chicago? 

Chicagoans, there’s a HUGE rat in the city, and how bad does it have to smell before you start doing something about it?  How many charges of police corruption are you going to put up with?  How many people have complained of being beaten by a cop, and yet nothing was done?  How many people were falsely arrested in Chicago and left to rot in jail?  How long until you get sick of it all and do something to change the way things are being done?  Have you never heard the expression, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” ??  Wake up!  For Pete’s sake, wake up! 

Police Misconduct – Know your rights!!

Chicago’s finest under fire for brutality


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