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I can see!

I finally got the Comcast problems solved, woo!  I had to spend some time on the phone with them last night, because for some reason, after plugging in the new DVR, some of our services wouldn’t connect.  It had something to do with them putting in the serial number of the new equipment but now it all works like it’s supposed to.  I noticed something else too – the screen is clearer.  I thought my eyesight was getting worse because the words – like the movie title listings were getting really blurry.  But now they’re sharp and clear with the new DVR hooked up.  Darc noticed it too so it’s not just me.  So, working DVR AND better eyesight, how awesome is that

I also realized something yesterday.  I noticed how much I’m singing all the time.  Only … I’m not singing out loud.  I’m one of those people who can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  Sure, I went through the “I wanna be a rock star!” thing in high school, until someone put me in front of a real microphone instead of a hairbrush.  I was horrified at the sounds that came out of the speakers!  So I don’t sing out loud.  But there is always a tune going through my head.  Mostly songs from my childhood – songs from Sunday School, or school, hymns I sang in church … but always something playing.  In my head I’m an awesome singer, but lucky for you, I’m smart enough not to inflict my fantasy abilities on those around me.  You can thank me anytime.  😉



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DVR’s and Nice Guys

Remember when I told you my DVR unit was possessed?  And that nice guy from Comcast came by and gave me his email if I had any problems?  Well, guess what now?  Darc and I have been trying to watch as much stuff as we could from our saved programs, because we could tell the unit was dying and we knew if we had to exchange it, we’d lose everything.  Well, earlier on Sunday while I was watching a movie I had on there, about half an hour from the end, the movie stopped playing and the DVR simply shut down.  Black screen, no clock, power off, nothing – it was totally dead.  It did come back on after about 5 minutes, but the DVR aspect was totally inaccessible.  I figured the rest of the shows on there were lost to us, so I called Comcast to request a service call.  The guy I talked to was super nice while I explained our situation to him.  He recommended we turn the box in ourselves to our nearest call center to save ourselves the possibility of being charged for a service call.  And to top it off, he even gave me a small credit for the loss of use of my DVR because I was so nice and had such a good sense of humor about the whole thing.  How cool is that?  See?  Sometimes it does pay to be nice! 

So guess where I’m going to be today?  And then comes the joy of re-programming all our stuff into the new box.  Yay, fun.  Oh well. 

Also, if you’re the praying kind, please pray for my friend, KnytStalker.  Without going into private detail, I will only say I’m worried about her, and prayers for her and the little bundle she’s got on board would be much appreciated.  Thanks.  🙂


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See?  I told you I’m a sucker.  WIGSF punked me (and a bunch of others) on April Fool’s Day.  No wonder you have so many sleepless nights, WIGSF!  😛

Anyway, our DVR is possessed.  It started acting weird a few days ago, when Darc was trying to watch a movie.  It would just stop during playback, and he’d have to start over at the beginning and fast forward to where it had stopped.  It happened so many times he finally quit and deleted the movie about 10 minutes from the end.  Then it seemed to be working okay.  But last night, when I went to check out The Mentalist, I noticed it wasn’t recording like it’s supposed to.  I couldn’t even access the DVR menu, and when I tried to switch to see our saved recordings, nothing was there!  It was around 25% full, but it said, “No listings available.”  *heavy sigh*  So I figured I’d have to call Comcast and ask for a service call.  But today when I went in to check it again, all our programs were magically back.  But then Darc noticed that some of them didn’t have descriptions anymore, and when he tried to play some of them, they wouldn’t, just went back to live TV.  So it looks like I’m going to have to call Comcast anyway.  That means for the next couple of days I’m going to try to retrieve and save to tape all the stuff we have on there.  Guess how much fun that’s going to be.

Wanna hear even more weird?  I got a spam comment on a future post.  Yeah, one that hasn’t even been posted yet.  How in the heck does that happen? 

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Bill me??

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No kidding!  Remember all the Internet troubles I was having over the summer?  How I had to call Comcast to come out 3 times to fix the problem and each time they said they fixed it, it turned out they hadn’t?  First the modem was blown, then the connectors were bad, then the wiring was bad – but I finally got the guy to replace the modem anyway. 

Well I got my Comcast bill this weekend, and they actually had the nerve to bill me for one of those service calls!  I kid you not!  You know I’d never kid about anything serious like money. 

So guess what I get to do today?  Spend ages on hold waiting for the representative to get to my call and then somehow make them credit me for the charge they should never have made.  Did they think I’d miss it or something?  HA!  Stoopid Comcast. 

Other than that, my weekend was decent.  How about you?



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To Be Connected!

Ah-wella-wella-wella-hunh!  Tell me more!  The cable guy left a few minutes ago, and I’ve learned a few things this morning.  I learned that cable modems can’t really function when the signal coming in is over 50Db.  I learned that our signal was 53Db.  I learned that the modem we had was messed up.  Big time!  As I suspected!  So it was a combination of factors that was causing us problems.  And I also learned that Comcast employees get free everything.  When you consider how much it costs per month to get all their services, that’s a pretty sweet deal. 

So it looks like we’re back up and running, woo!  I checked out everything on my husband’s comp, since his seemed to be the worst between the 2 of us and I have no idea why.  Perhaps it just felt that way, I dunno.  But when I checked out his Internet, the pages were loading in the background faster than I could click over to them – a very good thing!  He should be a happy camper now.  😀

Now I just have to wait for someone from maintenance to come over and take care of a couple of things for us – you know, maintenance stuff.  Busy me today!  Can you believe I actually got up at 5:30 this morning?!  Me either!  I’ll probably pass out later but it’s nice to see the sun rise at the start of the day as opposed to the end of it.  And I’ve already blown through one pot of coffee and am off to make another.  All this and the kids are still asleep!  This morning’s cable guy escaped from being regaled with countless Spiderman stories! 

Okay, I’m off to see the wizard and catch up on my Google Reader without it taking 5 minutes load each post.  Won’t that be nice?  I’m happy!  Woo!


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To be or not …

image Will she connect or won’t she?  THAT is the question!  Comcast is supposed to come out today to fix my internet problems.  We’ll see if they can do it.  I’ll be offline for awhile, and if they take care of it, I’ll post again after they leave. 

In the meantime, I leave you with a link I found entirely by chance while browsing over on Blame It On The Voices.  As I was watching the video, I noticed that the town names seemed awfully familiar, and then I realized that the idiot driver they were highlighting was in Chicagoland!  It freaking figures!  Leave it to Chicago area drivers to make the national mockery list!  LOL  I’ve seen stuff like this a lot – well, not this extreme, but I HAVE seen drivers stop dead on the highway and try to figure out how to get back to the exit they missed without having to drive to the next one.  Just to be sure the video wasn’t a total joke, I did some searching on a local news source online and found the original broadcast.  CBS2 Chicago – Idiot Driver  Just a little Chicago suckiness to brighten your day!  😉

See you soon hopefully!


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Bits and Pieces

Remember when I had the cable guy out a few months ago?  It turned out back then that our modem had blown, presumably due to a storm a few days prior.  Everything worked fine for about a month, and then went all wonky again.  I figured it was Comcast because they implemented a new system and things always get wonky when companies implement new systems.  I figured I’d be patient and wait it out, it would get worked out soon enough, no need to be a nag.  So I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  After about a month with no improvement, I finally called Comcast again and explained our situation to them.  They did a remote check on our modem and told me I had a weak signal and they scheduled a maintenance call for me.  The guy came out a couple of weeks ago and checked out all our wiring and found a few problems, namely loose connections and a poor arrangement of wiring.  Long story short, he fixed everything, put new couplers on the wires, re-wired the strongest signal wire to our main cable and we were supposedly up and running.  I asked him if the modem was good, because I thought the problems might be also stemming from that as well.  He assured me the modem was fine and all should be great.  He was a really nice guy, wasn’t bothered by my kids at all, did his job and left.  It was close to dinner when he left so I didn’t really get much of a chance to play online right then, but when Darc came home that night and went to check his email, we found that we were still having problems. 

I finally called Comcast again this week (I waited because I was afraid the problem might be on us and not them!) and they did another remote check on my modem, only this time I had to hook up my son’s old laptop to the modem directly and guess what we discovered?  For some unknown reason, our service is being interrupted at regular intervals.  The way the tech guy on the phone phrased it to me was, “The packets are being interrupted mid-stream, so only about half the data is being transmitted, in bits and pieces.”  In plain-speak, our service sucks.  And baring any outside wiring problems, the tech guy is pretty sure it’s a … modem problem.  I’m a tad perturbed (I love that word!) because I asked the last support guy to make sure the modem was okay, short of out and out demanding a new one, and he was certain the problem was solely in the wiring.  I don’t think he really even checked the modem.  So another guy is coming on Tuesday – with a new modem – and to check out all the wiring outside as well, to figure out what the problem is and get us up and running again. 

To give you an idea of how bad it’s been, imagine trying to open a page, like Google, and getting a time-out message … 7 times in a row.  Yeahhh.  I had better dial-up service a decade ago.  So we’ve been cranky here at the Darc household, with our sucky internet service.  But hopefully that will change after Tuesday.  🙂

I’d also like to take this opportunity to call your attention to a couple of friends of mine who have actually – after months of nagging on my part 😉 – started their own blogs.  Woo!  Nagging works!  So please say hello and give a warm welcome to KnytStalker and MrWakeUpCall.  I’m so glad you 2 are finally part of the club!!  Yay!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  My son came into my room the other morning, and as we were having some cuddle time, along with the little princess, he told me he’d had a dream that I’d had another baby.  I know!  Can you believe that?!  I sure can’t!  What is it with me and babies in the dreams lately?  I just thought I’d share that with you because I think it’s so funny.  🙂

For my Beloved.  :)  I think I’ve found the perfect pet for us!  😀 

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