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More storms last night!  We had a really powerful cell go through and it was quite spectacular while it lasted, which was only about 10-15 minutes.  Thankfully, the power didn’t go out!  Woo!  But the Internet connection went down.  Boooo!  So I went to bed without putting up a post or commenting on anyone else’s posts.

Then, today when I went to get online, because I saw that the connection was working again, my Firefox kept crashing!  No idea why, it was working just fine last night, so I don’t know what the problem is.  I gave up on it after about 8 successive crashes – yeah, I’m stubborn like that – and went to Chrome

They still haven’t forgiven me for my last post about them, either.  I get fewer hits in a week than I used to get in a day since they diverted their search engine from finding me.  Amazing how a giant like Google was so afraid of little ol’ me that they had to divert all my traffic.  *eyeroll*  Because my opinions have that huge an impact on what browser people decide to use.  Yeah.  I can’t make it sound any more ridiculous than it already is! 

Anyway, off to my chores.  Oooh, fun!  Jealous?  LOL

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