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funny pictures-go away morningz!

Ah, the first day after the end of vacation – always a bit traumatic, isn’t it?  I know my beloved is doing his best to get back in the groove, as we are here at home.  We had a whole week off!  No school, no work, nothing but kicking back and playing.  Smile  It was awesome!

Our Thanksgiving was good – we went with an “Americana” theme this year, and that was fun.  Easy too! 

The only downer was that the kids got sick right on Thanksgiving!  Thankfully, not bad sick, just a slight cold kind of thing.  They were tired and a little stuffy but nothing major.  They slept more and that was about it. 

How was your holiday?  Did you travel?  Have people travel to you? 

I did something crazy.  Well, kind of bonehead crazy.  Remember the neighbor with the howling dog?  The loud neighbor with the howling dog?  I did something ….  See, every once in a while I get a big ham for dinner when it’s on sale and it lasts a while, but when I have just the big bone left, I always feel so guilty just throwing it away.  We don’t have a dog anymore to give such treats to, and I haven’t been able to toss a leftover bone in the garbage in almost 6 years now without having that sad little twist in my heart.  And as I was cleaning off the bone from the last ham I had, it went through my head that there was a dog upstairs who would love a juicy ham bone like that.  Oh, you should have heard the argument that went on in my head!  But I hate that dog!  But the dog isn’t annoying on purpose.  I should poison the bone and leave it out.  C’mon now, you know you couldn’t do that to an animal, no matter how annoying they might be.  I wish Michael Vick would come take that dog for a walk!  You’re so mean to think that way!  You know you don’t mean that.  Well, I might not mean it but it feels good to say it!  If you don’t mean it you shouldn’t be thinking it either. 

And on it went. 

Yeah, it’s pretty ugly in there. 

In the end, I decided to try to do the nice thing.  My prayer is that I can fake it ‘til I make it, and that my insides catch up quick to my outside.  *sigh*  Change my heart, Lord, because I really don’t like that dog! 

I wrapped up the bone and left it by their door as a gift to their dog.  I could hear the neighbor exclaim when she saw it when she took him out for his morning constitutional.  At 5:30.  (I did say loud, remember!)  “Oh look, puppeh!  A treat for you!”  I did not say in the note that it was from me.  Let them wonder.  Maybe they’ll think it was the magic bone fairy.  

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imageBoy, this picture brought back a memory!  I actually had a dog say this to me once.

For various reasons, one day many years ago I found myself at the animal shelter, looking for a dog.  There were several to choose from, but most seemed to have some issue or other, whether it was being too noisy or too big, whatever. 

Near the end of the row, sat a quiet canine.  He wasn’t too big and he wasn’t too small.  He was black and brown and looked sort of like a Rottweiler, but he was not as big as one so I knew he was a mix of things.  He just sat there, looking at me, not barking, just quiet.  I walked over to his cage and he stood up and came to the door and we stood looking at each other in the “aisle” there at the shelter.  He seemed like a calm dog, not given to being the sort that jumps on or nips at people. 

I decided to bring him home. 

On the way, he sat in the front seat, just looking out the window.

When we got to the house, he got out of the car and came in with me, and then he proceeded to investigate every nook and cranny in the place.  It took him maybe 20 minutes or so, but I just stood waiting for him in the living room. 

Eventually he came back to me, sat down by my feet and said, “Okay lady, I’ll keep you.”  Smile

The vet said he looked to be half Rottweiler and half Beagle.  He almost never left my side for nearly 5 years and he was one of the best dogs I ever had.  He’s up in puppy Heaven now or wherever dogs go, and I’m pretty sure he’s keeping my couch cushion warm up there too.  Smile

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funny dog pictures - Goggie Gif: Not So Much Fun, Akshully!Every time I see this poor guy, my heart just wants the doggone doggie biscuit tower to come crashing down so he can have a treat.

Have you ever seen a more patient dog in your life? 

I could learn a thing or 2 from this puppeh!


Hopefully, his rewards were great.  Smile









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funny dog pictures-Hi. I'm Whozmysweetboymommylovesyou.

Dammitdog lives above me.  Well, a version of him anyway!  His owners refer to him as “Shutupdog!” 

I’ve learned a few things about our neighbors since they moved in 3 mos ago.  I’ve learned they’re a mother/daughter team.  The mom seems to be older than me, and the daughter is a teen still in high school.  I thought she was older until I saw her getting off the bus every day.  The daughter also has a boyfriend who visits almost daily.  The daughter is also pregnant. 

At first I just thought she might be a little heavy, but today she did the walk.  You know which one!  Any female who’s ever been heavily pregnant has done that walk!  Up until now, I haven’t seen the girl do that so I wasn’t sure if she was just a bit heavy in the tummy or was showing a baby bump, but after seeing that walk, I’m certain.  And non-pregnant heavy women don’t rub their tummies either. 

So soon – I speculate by the end of the year or in Jan – there will be a baby living upstairs.  And I’m pretty sure that chaos just might ensue.

See, the daughter is a screamer.  I almost never hear the mom but the daughter can’t do anything quietly, she’s just a loud person.  Especially when it comes to the dog.  And since most of his care falls on her, she’s been getting more and more cranky with him the farther along she gets. 

Add a baby into the mix with a loud teenage girl, and a loud howling and barking dog, and do you see what I mean?  I think if the dog wakes up the baby enough times, the dog just might go.  Or if the daughter yelling at the dog wakes up the baby enough times, the dog just might go.  Babies cry, and teenage girls don’t really have the coping skills yet to deal with crying babies – heck, lots of adults don’t either!  But I foresee some rough spots ahead.  Loud rough spots.  *sigh*

But maybe, just maybe, the dog will be gone. 

Oh who am I kidding?!  Ah well, it was a nice fantasy while it lasted anyway! 

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When Darc and I met and married, he had a little bit of fluff generally thought of as a dog.  She didn’t think of herself that way, and I suspect Darc didn’t either.  She was his baby, and that’s all there was to it. 

I say little bit of fluff, and that’s what she was, smaller even than my babies when they were born, she weighed maybe 7 lbs, soaking wet.

Darc had a step he built for her to get up on the bed, and she loved the bed!  Oh my, she loved to snuggle down under the blankets where it was nice and warm and she’d press herself up against one of us, usually him because he’s warmer than I am.  If we moved a little to accommodate her, she’d scooch in again, until, as Darc once put it, “I’m sleeping on the nightstand here!”  How such a tiny dog took up so much room on the bed is one of those mysteries I will never figure out.

When I was expecting the KnytLite, my body temp soared, so I became the “snuggle” of choice.  Only, with the baby pressing on the inside, I really wasn’t able to handle her pressing on the outside, and leaving me just a sliver of space.  My nightstand just couldn’t handle pregnant me.  So, I had Darc take her step away to keep her from hopping up on the bed anymore. 

It was a sad day.  After that, there was a baby often in the bed with us and just not enough room for the little bit of fluff anymore.  She’s been on my mind since we got the new bed, because we practically need steps ourselves just to get into it, and I can’t help but think we’d have had to make a 2 stair step for her, maybe even a 3.  It’s funny the way your mind works sometimes.  She’s been gone a while now, and I still find myself thinking of little things, like her bed-step.

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Tuned in

imageWhoops!  Did I say the new neighbor’s dog only barked when the neighbor was gone?  Silly me!  It barks when someone is at home too.  It takes a few hours, but eventually someone does actually scream “SHUT UP!” at the dog and then the dog yelps like it’s been hit and goes back to barking after a few minutes, so clearly they have the situation under control.


Most of the time I can tune it out.  I’m good at that – just ask my kids!  LOL  I know if I complain to management, there’s little they can do.  The neighbors are obviously okay with their dog barking and howling for hours at a time.  The dog seems healthy and happy when I see the neighbor walking it, so it’s not being mistreated or starved or anything like that, so there’s no indication that a call to Animal Control is necessary.  My options are live with a barking dog, or move. 

Moving is a pain, perhaps even a bigger pain and expense than a barky dog.  Besides, there’s no guarantee that we wouldn’t move TO a worse situation than we’d be moving FROM.  So there’s that. 

Maybe I’ll just tell my kids that now it’s okay to scream like banshees – both during inside AND outside play!  My sinister third option.   😈

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imageSo.  We have new neighbors.  They moved in upstairs, right over us, Friday.  They have a dog.  When we moved in we were told this was a “no-pet” building.  But the complex has changed hands a few times and apparently the pet rules changed too, only we weren’t updated on the new policy.  Am I wrong in thinking we should have been updated?  What if we have allergies?  Shouldn’t we know that perhaps other people in our building might now have pets?  Food for thought.

So.  This dog.  I haven’t seen it.  I’ve only heard it.  And heard it.  And heard it.  At 5:30 in the morning.  For hours.  Barking.  And howling.  Yes, howling.  It caused an old Aerosmith song to play in my mind, one with the line, “Hound dog bay at the moon.” 

Seems when the dog is alone it goes insane because I didn’t hear anyone yell at it (the first time) and it started just after the new tenant left.  At first I thought perhaps the dog was just having moving day stress.  You know, first night in a new place, that sort of thing.  Pets get stressed too by moving.  My cats used to freak out, find a bed to hide under and stay there starving for a day or 2 until they got used to the new place.  So I was trying to cut the dog a little slack. 

That was Saturday morning.

The same thing happened again Sunday morning. 


I’m so tempted to record the dog with my cell phone and take it over to the office to complain, but really, what would that accomplish except to give us the reputation as complainers?  It’s not the dog I object to, it’s the incessant howling and barking.  If the dog had manners it would be fine.  But a dog having manners is really an owner issue, not a dog issue.  If you know what I mean and I think you do. 

Pretty much kills the “take the new folks some cookies” urge.


Hound dog bay at the moon



This weird thing happened to me over the weekend too.  We ran out to do some errands, it was a hot night, I had my arm resting on the window sill of the car, as usual.  No A/C in the car so naturally we ride with the windows open in the summer.  I felt this little tickle under my arm, in my armpit actually, but I brushed it away.  When you have long hair you kind of get used to that tickly feeling on your arms.  A few minutes later I felt this little sting.  On the side of my breast.  What the …?  I tried, you know, as discreetly as possible in the car with my seat belt on, to reach inside my bra and see what the heck caused that poke.  I felt something.  Crawling.  Oh my gosh!  It was all I could do not to start screaming!  I flicked it away, or thought I did anyway.  Darc was driving and asking, “Are you okay, did you get it, should I pull over,” kinds of questions.  No, no, I think I got it, let’s just get home so I can check and see. 

We got home and first thing I do is rip off my shirt.  I mean honestly, wouldn’t you?  I’m trying to strip out of my shirt as fast as possible, praying there’s nothing crawling on me, on my breasts!  EWWWW!  Then I saw it, a little beetle looking thing, slightly longer and thinner than a lady bug.  I was gearing up for a nice scream and “get it off me!” dance, when Darc picked it off me and killed it. 

Thankfully, no sting or bite marks.  Still.  EWWW!  Bugs in the bra is just as bad as ants in the pants. 

And how was your weekend?

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