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My husband has released another of his short stories on Kindle, and it’s FREE until Saturday! 

The Case of Lenny Tiggleman



Book Description

Publication Date: March 3, 2013

A young ex-con comes to the police for help. He tells them he and a buddy saw something terrible, something frightening … and he might have let it kill his friend. But Lenny, a known drug addict and petty thug, doesn’t want the police to find his friend’s killer. Lenny wants to be put safely behind bars.
What Lenny describes is beyond impossible, but when Detective Beattie and his partner start looking into what really happened in that dark alley, Lenny learns just because something’s impossible doesn’t mean it’s unexpected.

The Case of Lenny Tiggleman [Kindle Edition]


Please check it out and pick up your free copy!  And while you’re there, check out the other books and stories my husband has up on Kindle.  :)   Books by J. Dane Tyler

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    It’s here!  The short story my husband has been working on the past few weeks, Barrel of Fun, is now published and free for a few short days on Amazon.  Grab your copy while you can, and tell your friends! 


    Barrel of Fun [Kindle Edition]


    Dane Tyler (Author)

    Book Description

    Stanley Danslow is a two-bit private eye. He’s not Phillip Marlowe or Sam Spade, though. Danslow’s the guy you go to when you think your spouse is cheating on you, or the insurance company thinks Joe Blow’s running a worker’s comp scam.

So when the beautiful Mrs. Tellinghousen comes in and asks Danslow to check out her husband, who she thinks just might be a killer, he’s a little out of his depth.

He doesn’t find out just how much he’s out of his depth until he’s in way over his head.

All rights reserved to DarcsFalcon

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Free Today Only!

It’s a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday!  Right in the middle of the week, get a free book, spend a couple hours reading and relaxing … well, if you can call hiking around a scary lake relaxing.  Ah, you know what I mean!  It’s a fun story, and a creepy story, and there’s even a little sub-story going on too.  Grab your copy now!  Just click on the pic below, or the link at the bottom.  Happy reading!,BottomRight,-33,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpg

Here’s the blurb:

Tam is a curious soul. When she overhears some small town teens talk about a monster in a nearby lake, it’s more than she can resist. Then she finds out the lake has been closed for years. The town’s drying up because of it, and plenty of people have gone missing on or near that lake. What’s happening, and why? Is the monster legend real?
When Tam tries to unearth the truth, the lake ranger steps in to put a stop to her digging. But Tam’s never been one to just give up and go home. She’ll find out what’s happening at Siren Lake, or die trying.

Siren Lake: by J. Dane Tyler

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

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Until Tomorrow

Check out this cover.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Darc had a friend of from DeviantArt do some photography work and this is the result.  Her name is Jen and she runs Xcetera Photography.  She does some great work.  Thanks, Jen!

This is one of my favorite stories of Darc’s.  I remember when he wrote it, and being so moved by the prose. 

And now you can have it.  Free.  Until tomorrow.  Smile 

Just go here: Remember Me –

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get free apps for it for your table, smartphone, and computer here: Free Kindle Apps

Click to visit the original post

Remember Me –

Here’s the blurb for the story:

She danced under the full moon, a vision of beauty and romance from the ocean’s frothing waves. The moon struck in her eyes and captivated me. Before long, our hearts beat as one. But something forlorn lurked just beneath her beauty, something which grew stronger as the moon waned.
I fell in love with her, hopeless and deep. But the moon grew stronger in her eyes even as it faded in the sky toward new, and she insisted I know her. I dig into my memories but she’s not there. And how, oh how under Heaven, could I forget the only person I’ve ever loved like this?

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

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It’s Here!

And it’s FREE!  Just this week, today through Saturday.

Scales of Justice [Kindle Edition]

Scales of Justice

What’s it about?  Let me tell you!

A cowboy. A dragon. A lonely trail, twenty years long.
Connor is a licensed Hunter, and carries the gleaming silver irons to prove it. He’s been hunting a particular dragon for twenty long years.

When he lands in Gray Gulch, the old farmer Jed tells him a story of loss and revenge. But Connor’s not interested in riding with a partner – until Jed describes the very dragon Connor’s been chasing.

Connor lets Jed join him on the trail, and they set out after the dragon both men loathe. But Connor is a man with a history and a mission. One he won’t let anyone interfere with. At any cost. His single-minded purpose is tested when he discovers things aren’t exactly what he thought.

Though he’s been on it for much of his life, he learns the trail still has a few mysteries for him to unravel.

It’s a pretty cool story, if I do say so myself.  I like the people my husband invents.  I like seeing how they navigate through the messes he puts them in.  And it helps a LOT that he’s a good writer.  Smile 

This one’s got a little bit of pretty much everything, so give it a whirl!  Then tell us what you think in the reviews.  Smile

You can click here Scales of Justice [Kindle Edition] or click the picture.  Thanks!

Happy reading!


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funny pictures - Single Page Multiple Tabs Firefox page display optionsI’m a bit of a geek.  Not much, but a little.  My husband had to set up some things on his computer and I volunteered for the task.  Figured out why his Firefox install wouldn’t open the new tab to the page he wanted it to, too.  Now it works like he wants, his computer is set up like he wants, and my guy is a happy computer camper.  In all the years I’ve known him, I don’t think he’s been as pleased with his computer set-up as he is now.

For that matter, that goes for me too.  Smile

My little tablet came in a few days early – joy jumps galore!  I got the Kindle App on there right away and now I don’t have to read on my little 2” phone screen, and I don’t need my reading light.  Now I have a big (by comparison!) 7” tablet screen.  I think I downloaded close to 30 books that night – all free, so the tablet has already paid for itself, and I’ve only gone through the first couple hundred items of Google’s free section.  There are over 15,000 items in there!  It will take me months to go through it too, so I won’t suffer from any reading shortage for probably years.  Hallelujah!  I felt like a junkie getting multiple fixes all at once.  Oooh, that one looks good!  Click!  Hey, I’ve always wanted to read that one!  Click!  And like magic they show up on my tablet, ready for me to dig in.  The thing I love about my tablet is that it does everything my smartphone does, except the phone part, only bigger.  So I can web surf, download apps, take pictures, and have a kick-ass eReader too.  All for less than the cost of a Kindle.  Technology is so awesome.  Smile  And I am so grateful.  A mere 6 mos ago the thought of actually owning anything like this seemed like some kind of impossible dream.  God is good.  Smile

My house is a disaster though!  I spent so much time setting up computers and running around and yes, being lazy too, that I didn’t get a wisp of housework done.  It shows!  It’s the kind of day to throw a roast in the oven so I don’t have to worry about dinner while I get my butt in gear and get some stuff done.  Monday has its advantages!  Often it’s nice to get back in the groove, back in the routine of things.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment in a way, and a sense of accomplishment is a wonderful thing.  Open-mouthed smile

So how was your weekend?

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Get your copy of my husband’s books!

Buy J Dane Tyler’s Fiction now!

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funny pictures-My get-up-and-go

Nope,  not very motivated at all.  Could be the heat – it was hot here over the weekend.  Like in the 80’s and super humid hot.    Supposed to be cool on Monday, complete with storms.  It’s totally weird to run the air conditioner in early April.  I remember a few years ago we got like 8” of snow on April 1st, so this is just weird.

But that is the nature of the weather around here.


I have to put a plug in for one of the bloggers I follow.  I found Bookworm maybe 3 years ago or so.  I love her writing.  She’s roughly my age, grew up in the SF Bay Area like I did, but she grew up liberal and later came to conservatism.  In real life, she’s a lawyer.  She blogs with wit and style, and she’ll make you think – unless you’re opposed to that.  Winking smile  It’s not easy living as a conservative in such a hard-core liberal enclave as San Francisco.  Bookworm has to always be on her toes.  Now, she’s put together a collection of some of her best and favorite posts and e-published them.  Because I support great writing, e-publishing, and love Bookworm’s way with words and ideas, I’m encouraging you to click the link and check her out, buy her book.  Hey, she’s brave enough to be a conservative in San Francisco, surely you can be brave enough to buy an e-book.  Open-mouthed smile

via Bookworm Room » The Bookworm Turns — an e-book with collected posts from the Bookworm Room.

You can buy my e-book, The Bookworm Turns : A Secret Conservative in Liberal Land, at either Amazon or at Smashwords. If you want to buy through Amazon, don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle. You can easily download Kindle apps for smart phones, iPads, PCs or Macs. Smashwords offers even more options for e-books, so check it out. Also, if you’re opposed to buying a pig in a poke, both Amazon and Smashwords allow you to preview about 20% of the book before you make up your mind whether to buy.


Here’s what people have been saying about my writing:

“Bookworm has become one of my favorite bloggers. She lives in California and writes on intellectual and domestic political issues, always with a fresh angle.” — Barry Rubin

“Reading Bookworm’s essays is like intellectual chocolate – highly addicting, except it expands your mind instead of your waistline!” – JoshuaPundit

“I’ve been a follower of Bookworm for years and am reading the book now. Her writing is thoughtful, smart, and always entertaining.” — Right Truth


Now go have a great, and motivated, Monday!

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

Get your copy of my husband’s books!

Buy J Dane Tyler’s Fiction now!

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