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All my life I have loved rainbows.  Pastel ones, not so much the primary ones.  When I was a very little girl, I saw the wedding pictures of an uncle and his wife, one of my favorite aunts.  Each of her bridesmaids wore a different color of the rainbow and they looked so amazingly beautiful to me that I decided then and there that I wanted the same thing when I got married.

So, okay, maybe for an anniversary I’ll have my rainbow.  Smile

Anyway, every year around our anniversary I start thinking of that fantasy wedding I’ve had since I was like 4.  It might go something like this:

I’ll do my hair like a rainbow.

cool accessories - hair - Rainbow Braid

And carry rainbow flowers!


I’ll wear rainbow shoes.  Must have sparkle!


And wear a frothy rainbow dress, like this.


Or maybe satiny, like this.


I’ll have a rainbow cake, outside,


and in.


I’ll have attendants wear all the colors of the rainbow, like these lovely ladies here.


But I draw the line at rainbow lipstick!


Maybe.  Winking smile


Happy November 1st!


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Well, for the head this time, not the feet.  Smile  With Halloween coming up, I thought this would be a great holiday fashion statement.

Only, there’s no way in hell anyone’s getting that thing on MY arachnophobic head!

Actually, I’m dressing up in my usual costume – I’m going as the momWinking smile

How about you?  Will you be dressing up to take the kids trick or treating?  Or just dressing up if you don’t have kids?


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