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LOOK at my bounty!  Isn’t it awesome?!  My girlfriend came up for a visit and brought me tons of homemade soap.  I am one happy camper!  All kinds of colors and fragrances, I’m like a kid in a candy store.  🙂

Now I just have to get off my butt and read the book she gave me, so I can make some too, and maybe we could even start a business together. 

If I made soap, would you buy it?  Inquiring minds would like to know.  🙂

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Your April Fool’s Day midday picture.  It’s pretty pretty out there!  Chilly, just a bit above freezing, but as long as the wind isn’t blowing, it’s kind of nice.

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There is so much to be thankful for!  This past month was wonderful, what with Christmas and my beloved being on vacation, and the kids being on vacation.  Even the weather has been kind of nice, considering it’s January in Chicagoland.  Well, it’s January everywhere, heh, but usually it’s mind-bendingly cold this time of year but this year it’s been pretty decent, and almost no snow, woo! 

Today, I want to focus my thankfulness on a friend of mine.  I’ve known her … wow, will it really be 28 years this year?!  She’s loyal and generous by nature and has been a blessing to me.  We’re complete opposites, personality-wise, which has led to a conflict or 2 in our relationship but we’ve managed to overcome those.  :)  She’s on my heart in a major way because things are not going so well for her right now, especially on the health front.  She’s facing some potentially serious health issues, and her doctor wants her in for more tests.  She had to have surgery a couple of years ago, and it’s looking like she might be experiencing a recurrence.  So, she’s scared, and I’m scared for her.  She needs a blanket of blessing and if you’re the praying type, if you’d send some her way, they sure would be appreciated.

We don’t often find such faithful friends in our lives.  Haven’t we all experienced the back-stabbing kind, or the fair-weather kind?  I used to have a little joke that the best friends were the foul-weather kind, the ones who would stick by you even when life had turned against you.  I always wanted to not just have friends like that, but be a friend like that.  My friend is a friend like that, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. 


Clipped from A True Friend – Cheezburger

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Happy Birthday Steve!

I would like to take a moment to wish my friend Steve a Happy Birthday.  He’s a great guy who’s passionate about America.  Visiting his blog is always a breath of fresh air for me.  He doesn’t pull any punches, but he’s always respectful, and that’s hard to find these days.  Steve’s a class act all the way around and I’m proud and honored to call him my friend.

I hope you’re having a great day, my friend!  Happy Birthday!  *hugs*




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Pintastic girlfriend, who is quite the sanguine, teased me, who is quite the melancholy, about my Pinterest profile

“Oh. My. Gosh!” she repeated, several times.

“What?  What?” I kept asking. 

“You have everything organized!  It’s like your office!” she finally said. 

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, or like it’s a weird thing,” I defended.  “Lots of people do it!”

“No.  No they don’t,” she replied. 

Well.  Perhaps they don’t.  But I swear I’ve seen a lot of people organize their Pinterest boards like I do.  Sort of.  And it does say, “Organize and share the things you love” on their main web site.  Neener.

She told me I had too much time on my hands and needed a hobby.

“You don’t understand,” I explained.  Pinterest IS my hobby.  I don’t have room or money for crafts right now, so Pinterest is just the thing.  No money required, no dues, no fees, no space, no mess – perfect! 

I think you can tell a lot about a person from their pins.  You get a big visual clue of the things that interest them.  What are they into?  Their pin boards will usually give it away.  🙂

So it suits me for now.  And I find it quite addicting.  My husband, on the other hand – the same man who’s pinned perhaps thousands of images on DeviantArt over the years, claims Pinterest is boring.  Hopefully he didn’t mean that he thinks I’M boring, since mine was the only profile he looked at!  LOL 

Now if there was just some way I could make my pin boards into Windows 7 themes, that would be the bees knees.  🙂

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Thankful for Prayers

funny pictures - Stress iz wen u wake up screaming

I am fortunate in that I have much to be thankful for this year.  But there have been years where … well, let’s not go there.  Suffice to say that there are lots of hurting people out there and this time of year often seems to bring out just as many feelings of despair as it does joy.  Sometimes life seems to just fling the crap at you and it can be hard to take.

Right now I have a friend who is hurting.  Hurting loud enough to cry out to me.  I confess, I’m scared.  So if you’re the praying type, your prayers would be appreciated in a big way.   

Thank you.

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This Week’s Thoughts

funny pictures of cats with captionsThat’s how you know it’s a true friendship, because you don’t care that your shoulder’s fallen asleep.  Smile  And after nearly 4 decades of friendship, I think our respective shoulders probably fell asleep years ago!  I had an awesome visit with my friend.  And was truly blessed by his other friends that he’s been staying with.  Wonderful, gracious folks who felt like old friends the minute they walked in the door, even though I’d never met them before.  The way this whole visit worked out, well, I can only tell you that there are no accidents, Grasshopper.  Smile  It was so amazing the way it all unfolded.  Seriously. Awesome. 


She must have been drunk.  Honestly.  Who tries walking into the wrong apartment at 2 am?  This was way more bizarre than when the lost pizza guy tried to walk into our apartment a few years ago.   I probably should have called the cops, but when someone started trying to open my door, kept trying to turn the door knob, kept trying to force it open, well, I ran to wake up my husband.  I guess I trust him to protect me more than the police. 


My plan for the day is to get caught up on blogs!  And housework. But mostly blogs. Smile  Look out Google Reader, here I come! 


We are making progress on the edits!  Well, slow progress, but progress nonetheless!  I still think we’ll make the deadline, and if we don’t, I still think we’ll only miss it by a few days. 

So, those are some of my thoughts.  What are some of yours?

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funny pictures of cats with captions



We will return

to our


scheduled blog


Open-mouthed smile

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