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There is so much to be thankful for!  This past month was wonderful, what with Christmas and my beloved being on vacation, and the kids being on vacation.  Even the weather has been kind of nice, considering it’s January in Chicagoland.  Well, it’s January everywhere, heh, but usually it’s mind-bendingly cold this time of year but this year it’s been pretty decent, and almost no snow, woo! 

Today, I want to focus my thankfulness on a friend of mine.  I’ve known her … wow, will it really be 28 years this year?!  She’s loyal and generous by nature and has been a blessing to me.  We’re complete opposites, personality-wise, which has led to a conflict or 2 in our relationship but we’ve managed to overcome those.  :)  She’s on my heart in a major way because things are not going so well for her right now, especially on the health front.  She’s facing some potentially serious health issues, and her doctor wants her in for more tests.  She had to have surgery a couple of years ago, and it’s looking like she might be experiencing a recurrence.  So, she’s scared, and I’m scared for her.  She needs a blanket of blessing and if you’re the praying type, if you’d send some her way, they sure would be appreciated.

We don’t often find such faithful friends in our lives.  Haven’t we all experienced the back-stabbing kind, or the fair-weather kind?  I used to have a little joke that the best friends were the foul-weather kind, the ones who would stick by you even when life had turned against you.  I always wanted to not just have friends like that, but be a friend like that.  My friend is a friend like that, and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. 


Clipped from A True Friend – Cheezburger

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Happy Birthday Steve!

I would like to take a moment to wish my friend Steve a Happy Birthday.  He’s a great guy who’s passionate about America.  Visiting his blog is always a breath of fresh air for me.  He doesn’t pull any punches, but he’s always respectful, and that’s hard to find these days.  Steve’s a class act all the way around and I’m proud and honored to call him my friend.

I hope you’re having a great day, my friend!  Happy Birthday!  *hugs*




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There was a time I would have killed for her. At the end, I mostly just wanted to kill her.

I met her right when high school started, in gym class. She muttered something to herself, and in my dorky way I made a less-than-witty comeback. She quirked a brow, I extended my hand, and thus we became pretty much inseparable during those high school years. Due to her own family issues, she even moved in with me and my family, so she felt more like my sister than simply my friend. “Joined at the hip,” some called us. “Two peas in a pod,” said others. We shared clothes, hairbrushes, even makeup! But not boyfriends. Never boyfriends. Our tastes were too different, and that was a good thing.

In that regard at least.

She considered herself a “wild child” while I was … not. Not then anyway, but I learned a lot from her. She was pretty rebellious, prone to running away (which is how she came to live with me), and into drugs. Lots of high school kids in the 70s were, even me, to some extent.

Yeah, I learned a lot from her.

In the end, she even rebelled against me. Because she was my friend, and it was because of me that she even lived with us, my mother decided I had to be responsible for her. I didn’t like being in that position, and she liked it even less, so we fought and she was gone.

And that was that.

I looked her up on FaceBook a while back, just to see if there was anything to see. Sometimes people cross my mind.

It was kind of funny and kind of weird because she seemed exactly the same to me as she was in high school, like some kind of time warp. And as I read her profile, I realized we have absolutely nothing in common. I wondered if we ever did. She is still a “wild child” and I’m still not. What did we talk about all those years ago, besides how much we “couldn’t stand the ‘rents”? Was our friendship based on nothing more than proximity, and drugs? Her life seems to have followed the path that everyone predicted it would take. She made her choices and lives with the consequences, it would seem.

As we all do, I suppose.

I wept such bitter, angry, heartbroken tears when our friendship ended. I felt like I would never have another friend as close to me as she was. Such is the drama in the lives of 17 year old girls.

I look back and wonder if that friendship was mostly a misperception on my part. We were really friends or just convenient? What was I crying over, really?

She’s a stranger to me.

Maybe she always was.

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Making Room


No Tasty Tuesday this week.  I am makin’ room for my friend, who is able to stay over night with us.  It’ll be like a slumber party!  *doing the Snoopy happy dance*

See ya Thursday!  Smile

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Thursday Thankfulness

It is that time of year, to reflect.  On this last Thankfulness post, I have a lot to be thankful for.  There was a huge change for me and Darc recently, as most of you know, and that is truly something to be immensely thankful for.

This whole weekly thankfulness exercise has been a good one for me I think.  It taught me to take stock of what I had, to realize that where I stand in terms of history is a pretty good place, comparatively.  We do live in a great age – technologically, medically, and even just general day-to-day living is vastly better than it was even 50 years ago, let alone a hundred.  It’s been good for me to remind myself of that.  All too often it’s so easy to fall into that trap of noticing what we lack, rather than what we have. 

I am thankful for you, for the friendships I’ve found thanks to blogging and the Internet.  You’ve been pretty faithful in joining me here at what I’ve come to think of as my cyber kitchen table, to share of moment of your time with me, and I am thankful for that.  It’s been like a little party for me every day, friends stopping over for a little visit and a cuppa. 

I am thankful 2010 is over, and that 2011 is beginning – I feel so optimistic I can’t even contain it sometimes.  That’s a pretty drastic change for me!  I’m not optimistic by nature.  I work hard to try to look on the bright side.  It’s all a part of my “fake it ‘till I make it” plan.  😀

I don’t know what’s going to become of Thursdays now.  Hopefully I’ll think of something.  In the meantime, what are you thankful for this week?

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Thursday Thankfulness

It’s almost like prayer, these moments of searching through the past week, trying to find that moment of “Yes, that’s what I’m thankful for this week!”  Sometimes I really have to struggle to find something because it’s been a particularly stressful week.  Other times, it’s almost overwhelming in the abundance of what I can choose to use for a post.  This week has been a very good week.  The whole month of August was a very good week.  🙂

I am thankful it’s September and Summer is coming to a close.  I’m thankful that I’ve been better at remembering to take my vitamins.  I’m thankful the kids have clothes and shoes for the Winter.  I’m thankful rent didn’t go up for this new lease.  I’m thankful there’s food in the cupboards.  I’m thankful there’s a song in my heart and a prayer of thanksgiving on my lips.  I’m thankful my daughter will start homeschool next week.  I’m thankful my husband published his first (of many!) e-book. 

And I am thankful for you.  :) 

There are some who are going through a triumphant phase in your life right now and I’m right there cheering with you.  Some are going through more difficult times, dealing with pain and loss of some kind, and my heart and prayers are hugging you close.  You’ve let me take a peek into your lives and shared your thoughts with me, and I’m thankful for that.  We’re connected – whether we agree on things or disagree, we’re connected in lots of ways – like a hand and a foot are both connected to the same body.  Know what I mean?  🙂

Insert your picture here, I’m thankful for you this week.  🙂

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Wednesday Wondering

imageI was going through my blogroll a few days ago, clearing out broken links, blogs that have been all but abandoned, updating new blogs – general blogroll maintenance.  I’m sure you know the drill.  Sometimes we just do that.   As I did, I had a few things flit through my mind.  I recalled the person who (quite some time ago) sent Darc an email requesting that he remove them from his blogroll.  In trying to determine if it was a spam generated email or a legitimate one, we discovered that said person had decided to believe a lot of their own misconceptions about us (and it turned out about others as well) and was actually holding some amount of hostility toward us for reasons we never really figured out.  Such is life and the nature of the blogging world, I suppose. 

And then I got to thinking, why do we do that?  Why is the blogroll used that way?  I think similar things occur on Facebook too, with the friends list.  “I’m going to take you off my blogroll!”  “I’m going to un-friend you!”  I remembered – and cringed – when I was about 7 and threatened the neighbor girl with “I won’t be your best friend anymore!”  I have no recollection why, but I do remember saying it.  We all did that, and I’m sure kids across the world do that still.  Why was that such a threat?  That never occurred to my 7-year-old brain.  Did I think friendship with me was such a prize?  Did I think I could control her?  Did I think she cared?  Did I think she had no other friend options?  I don’t even know, but I do recall that feeling of wanting to bend her to my will somehow, to make her do what I wanted.  And I thought my friendship was the tool I could use to do that.

Boy, was I dumb!  I was also 7. 

Eventually we grow up, or think we do anyway!  LOL  I know lots of “grown-ups” who are stuck on 7 in lots of ways!  No doubt you do too.  It makes me sad to know that.  I have learned in the years since then, how very valuable friendship is, how it needs to be cherished and nurtured and not taken for granted, and certainly not used at a threat or manipulation.  It is a gift.  Loyalty means a great deal to me. 

And a blogroll is not a litmus test of anyone’s friendship. 

I like to think I’ve grown up a little since those long ago days when I was 7.  Or 17.  Or 37.  Maturity should be a constant goal, shouldn’t it?  When I was little I wanted nothing more than to be a grown-up.  I thought I would hit 21, and I would “arrive.”  I had no idea it would be a lifetime endeavor!  If I had, I might not have wanted it so much.  😉

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