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Screen AArrgh!

So I’m a little irritated.  With FireFox Add-ons, that is.  One in particular, actually.  I know, I know.  What could possibly compel me to say something negative about one of my beloved FireFox Add-ons?  Well, I’ll tell you.


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Some years ago I found an awesome little add-on called FireShot.  Worked like a dream.  It’s a handy dandy little program that can take a screen capture for you and then you can save it or annotate it – add little captions to your screenshot or whatever.  I used it tons of times, several times a week if not on a daily basis.  Loved it.  A few months ago, it did its auto-update thing and without knowing it, users had a copy of the 30 day trial of the pro version.  And no one knew that until the 30 days were up and all of a sudden FireShot stopped working and users got this annoying little pop-up saying that the trial had expired and if you wanted you could go to the website and upgrade.  As awesome a program as it is, I’m not paying $35 to take screenshots and I totally resent the bait-and-switch technique they used.  R.E.S.E.N.T.  They said on their website that if you decided not to go with the pay version, the add-on would automatically revert to the free version.  Only, that didn’t work.  Uninstall, reinstall, no dice!  That made me mad.  I found a fix by editing the registry and things seemed to be working fine again.  Lo and behold, another update and the doggone thing breaks again, and this time the work-arounds and fixes won’t work.  So I uninstalled it, and not just the wimpy little “tell FireFox to uninstall this add-on” button, but the big bad Control Panel “get this crap off my computer” button.  Okay, I don’t really know if there’s a difference but the Control Panel felt a lot more official.  I broke up with FireShot

I found a couple of other little add-ons that seem to have potential but don’t have the bells and whistles that FireShot did.  Those are Screenshoter and Abduction!  Time will show if either of them are any good.  They got decent reviews so that’s encouraging.

I did learn a few weeks ago though, that Windows 7 actually comes with a screen snipping tool.  Who knew?!  Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, Snipping Tool!  AND the Snipping Tool WILL do annotations too, at least with a pen or highlighter button.  If you put a shortcut to Snipping Tool on your Taskbar, it’s always right there for you.  Seriously. Sweet. That works not just on whatever’s up on your browser, and whichever browser you’re using, but you don’t even have to be online to use it either.     image

Also, if you use OneNote, it will go grab screenshots for you too, just click the Insert Tab and then Screen Clipping.  Really, all you need to do is press the Windows Key and S at the same time.


So, I’ll miss FireShot.  But I do have some great tools to help keep my screen captures warm on those chilly nights. 

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Live Writer SOS

I had a frustrating night and morning.  My Beloved Windows Live Writer blew up on me.  Can you imagine?  There are 2 programs that ARE my internet connection to the world: one is FireFox, the other is Windows Live Writer.  When I say blew up, I mean blew up.  I was working on a post, and when I clicked in the tags bar at the bottom, suddenly an error message popped up, about 40 times.  It just kept popping like one of those awful pop-up windows you used to get on websites.  I don’t know how many times I clicked the “Yes, notify Windows of this error!” button. 

I uninstalled Live Writer, tried to re-install it, was informed by the installer that it was already on my computer after I’d uninstalled it, ad nauseum.  I don’t know how many times I went through that process.  I went through the registry and deleted all the Live Writer things in there I could find.  I blew out the Live Writer folder, and still the installer told me I already had Live Writer installed.  Uninstall, reboot, uninstall, reboot, over and over.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  When I’d try to uninstall again, the add/remove programs thing told me there was nothing for me to uninstall.  Darc helped me find some other folders that also had Live Writer files in them so I blew those away too, and then I got Live Writer to open, instead of just flashing a splash screen at me.  I tell ya, it’s amazing I have any hair left. 

Yes, I considered begging Joe Cheng to charge in on a white Micro-horse to help me.  But, I felt really awkward about doing that.  Yes, I understand he’s a developer on Live Writer, at Microsoft.  But I don’t know him, and it just felt somehow tacky to me to go begging for help like that.  He’s a working guy, and a daddy with a wife and babies, and it just felt wrong to bug him with an email at 2 AM with my whiny little problem.  No doubt he’ll see all the error message things I sent in when I clicked that error button and if he ever sees this post, he’ll put 2+2 together and know it was me.  ;)  And I got it fixed with a little help from Darc, without harassing someone I don’t know.  Harassing people I do know, however, is another matter entirely.  Mwuhahahaha!  You have been forewarned!

I did copy my drafts folder though so I still have all those, but I’ve lost all my plug-ins and my auto-link list; I had dozens of things set up to auto-link so I didn’t have to do it manually every time.  Now I have to reinstall my plug-ins, and once more begin the laborious process of building up my auto-link library.  It’s been a Live Writer nightmare.  I am sad.  You all know how much I adore this program.  And no, I’m NOT going to ditch it now.  Crap happens, especially to computer software, and I have no idea what caused the blow-up last night, but today, Live Writer has been open all day long and has been sitting quietly in the background, minding its own business, just patiently waiting for me.  Part of me wonders if there was some hiccup with the Google Desktop thing I have, because once when I re-booted, the Google app didn’t open.  And it’s supposed to.  So, who knows what caused the crash.  It happens.  Life goes on.  I, and my Windows Live Writer, will recover.  At the very least, it forces me to dump those plug-ins I thought might be cool but never used.  And to be more diligent about backing it up.  At least it’s still pink, like I told it to be.  😀

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Know what I hate?  Besides my vacuum, I mean.  I hate it when web sites don’t work.  I went to this one site, because I have to order something, and I can only get it from one place, and every other page on the site works, except for the one where I place the order.  Aaaarrrrgggghhh!  It’s also frustrating to me when sites won’t work in FireFox.  What the heck?!?!  It’s almost 2009!  Who doesn’t work in FireFox?  I don’t know if the site’s store is down, if it’s undergoing maintenance, or what the problem is.  I didn’t have these kinds of problems last time I used it, and I don’t recall having to use IE then either.  I guess I’ll have to try during the day, but doggone!  I’ve been trying to get through for over an hour now.  I’m frustrated! 

So, do you have any web site horror stories? 


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Math 101

more animals

Every parent has had moments like this!  It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!  I’ve had a crappy day, and while I was sitting here going through some LOLcats, wondering what to blog about, once I saw this one, I knew I’d blog about my crappy day.  Aren’t you glad?  ;) 

You may, or may not, be aware that I homeschool my son.  He’s a bright boy, and I taught him to read when he was 5.  But math has been a real struggle.  For some reason, he just doesn’t seem to get the concept of addition, let alone subtraction.  Every day it seems we make progress, and then the next day it’s like we have to start all over again at the beginning.  Today he basically went into meltdown mode and I’m at a give-up point.  Which breaks my heart because I so believe in home-school.  But, for various reason, public school really isn’t an option right now, and private school – ROFLMAO!  Yeah, right!  So when my husband called while on the train home from work, I told him about it, and he sat down with the Little Prince after he got home and went over some math with him.  But I know it’ll be back to square one tomorrow.  I’ve tried everything I can think of to get my son to understand the concept of numbers and that this many plus this many equals that many.  I’ve tried pennies, pencils, blocks, fingers, toes, even marshmallows because he loves them so much.  I have flash cards, the math books that came with my curriculum, even supplemental math books from other sources.  I’m ready to make him start counting the hairs I yank out of my head in frustration. 

So I’m wondering, what was it that helped math click for you when you were a kid?  What helped you understand the concepts of addition and subtraction?  Was there an “AHA!” moment for you? 


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