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I managed to put together a little St Patrick’s Day centerpiece for the coffee table the other day.  I’m still in “collecting” mode, trying to find just the right things to add to the centerpieces I make.  For this one I even found little shamrock pieces to layer around the candle.  🙂

Bit by bit, I’m re-gathering craft supplies.  I used to have a lot of fun making little decorative things for the house but it’s been a long time since I was able to do that.  It’s nice to be able to again.

Just 2 more days left of school this quarter!  The kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement, lol.  A whole month off! 

Mom’s looking forward to it, too.  😉

So how’s your day going?  Getting things done?  Plans getting accomplished?

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Sunrise 03-07-13.  It promises to be a golden day!

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Pintastic girlfriend, who is quite the sanguine, teased me, who is quite the melancholy, about my Pinterest profile

“Oh. My. Gosh!” she repeated, several times.

“What?  What?” I kept asking. 

“You have everything organized!  It’s like your office!” she finally said. 

“You say that like it’s a bad thing, or like it’s a weird thing,” I defended.  “Lots of people do it!”

“No.  No they don’t,” she replied. 

Well.  Perhaps they don’t.  But I swear I’ve seen a lot of people organize their Pinterest boards like I do.  Sort of.  And it does say, “Organize and share the things you love” on their main web site.  Neener.

She told me I had too much time on my hands and needed a hobby.

“You don’t understand,” I explained.  Pinterest IS my hobby.  I don’t have room or money for crafts right now, so Pinterest is just the thing.  No money required, no dues, no fees, no space, no mess – perfect! 

I think you can tell a lot about a person from their pins.  You get a big visual clue of the things that interest them.  What are they into?  Their pin boards will usually give it away.  🙂

So it suits me for now.  And I find it quite addicting.  My husband, on the other hand – the same man who’s pinned perhaps thousands of images on DeviantArt over the years, claims Pinterest is boring.  Hopefully he didn’t mean that he thinks I’M boring, since mine was the only profile he looked at!  LOL 

Now if there was just some way I could make my pin boards into Windows 7 themes, that would be the bees knees.  🙂

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