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imageMy loving husband sent me an article a few days ago, “Why Internet Explorer will survive and Firefox won’t.”  He knows of my love for Firefox, the one he turned me on to in the first place, to get me away from the pop-up and hacker-friendly  Internet Explorer.  I was kind of sad when I read the article.  If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know how passionate I am about FireFox and being able to use my beloved add-ons.  Oh my gosh I love add-ons!  Once I found them, I barely gave IE a wave goodbye. 

That was in 2005.  Seems like so long ago, and I guess in tech-years, that’s like centuries or something.  I’ve been locked in embrace with FireFox ever since and haven’t regretted it in the least.

Oh, I looked at Chrome.  With a bit of trepidation.  Seems like Google was using it to gather lots of private information. 

Not interested in Opera very much.  There’s nothing wrong with it or anything, it just wasn’t my speed.  Although, they’re coming out with a new version soon. 

This month has been a big month in the “browser wars.”  War?  Really?  Why not battles?  I like the alliterative qualities of that better.  Browser battles.  Smile  All three of the biggies made major upgrades this month.  All showing off for our attention, wooing us with their features. 

I read the article my husband sent me.  Looked like FF was on the outs, and IE9 and Chrome were neck and neck for the lead.  IE9 has some bang-up new features, so they say, and Chrome backed off on the privacy issues and also had some cool beans features, and the kids in the know say both have awesome add-ons.

Add-ons?  One of my drugs of choice.  Smile

I went to check it out and frankly, while they’re making great strides, they can’t compete with my beloved FireFox

Then I came across these articles: Firefox 4 downloads eclipse Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 usage share is twice Internet Explorer 9 in half the time.

So it looks like FireFox just might be around longer than the writer of the first article thinks.  Heh.  Smile  I sure am happy about that!

But I’m playing with IE9 and Chrome anyway.  I guess it’s good for a girl to know a bit about the other prospects in the neighborhood. 

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Know what I hate?  Besides my vacuum, I mean.  I hate it when web sites don’t work.  I went to this one site, because I have to order something, and I can only get it from one place, and every other page on the site works, except for the one where I place the order.  Aaaarrrrgggghhh!  It’s also frustrating to me when sites won’t work in FireFox.  What the heck?!?!  It’s almost 2009!  Who doesn’t work in FireFox?  I don’t know if the site’s store is down, if it’s undergoing maintenance, or what the problem is.  I didn’t have these kinds of problems last time I used it, and I don’t recall having to use IE then either.  I guess I’ll have to try during the day, but doggone!  I’ve been trying to get through for over an hour now.  I’m frustrated! 

So, do you have any web site horror stories? 


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