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clip_image001Perhaps it’s nothing more than the doldrums of winter and cabin fever.  Perhaps it’s just part of the new routine.  My daughter generally wakes up grumpy and my son does not.  He really is more of a morning guy and likes that we’re getting up early now.  My daughter, the night owl, not so much.  He likes to rub her face in her grumpiness, which naturally causes her to be not just grumpy, but irritated.  And then the sparks fly!  Usually from me because by that time I’m sick of listening to them both. 

Most of the time, by the time they’re done with breakfast, they’re both in generally pretty good moods.  I should institute a “NO talking until breakfast is done!” rule, heh.  Yeah, that’ll work, lol. 

In other news, we found out why our new Internet service hasn’t been so hot lately.  We called over the weekend and they sent a man out Sunday, and poor guy – he worked several hours in freezing rain, checking all the cable boxes they have in the area.  Turns out a mouse had moved into one of the boxes and was chewing on some wires.  He said it tends to happen rather regularly during the cold months, and I remembered when that happened in a car I had about 20 years ago or so.  Maybe I’ll tell you about that on a Whensday post. 

So all’s well that ends well, well, except for the mouse, ha!

How was your weekend? 

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Today’s sunrise – or lack thereof.  At least temps are decent for January!


Clipped from It’s a Forever Bond – Cheezburger

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Some days

funny pictures-Well HERE'S your problem!

Sometimes the Internet connection just goes all wonky and I don’t know why.  It’s been basically down since last night, but even before that it was acting strangely.  Will this post go up?  Won’t it?  Who knows?  But since I’m into living dangerously, (shut up!) I’ll take that chance!

The kids have decided to have a really bad day in school.  Somehow, in kid logic, deciding to have a bad day will magically make school shorter, or easier, or go away.  I think it’s that alternate universe they sometimes like to visit.  Reality has consistently shown them that such an attitude only gets them yelled at, their school day extended, and the work does not get any easier. 

My kids don’t get cheese with their whine, no sir!  I’ve got the belt half-cocked and ready to fire if needed!  Winking smile

So how’s your day going?

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Funny Pictures - Fox Jump Gif

GIF: Intew teh Foxhole! – Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

More storms last night!  We had a really powerful cell go through and it was quite spectacular while it lasted, which was only about 10-15 minutes.  Thankfully, the power didn’t go out!  Woo!  But the Internet connection went down.  Boooo!  So I went to bed without putting up a post or commenting on anyone else’s posts.

Then, today when I went to get online, because I saw that the connection was working again, my Firefox kept crashing!  No idea why, it was working just fine last night, so I don’t know what the problem is.  I gave up on it after about 8 successive crashes – yeah, I’m stubborn like that – and went to Chrome

They still haven’t forgiven me for my last post about them, either.  I get fewer hits in a week than I used to get in a day since they diverted their search engine from finding me.  Amazing how a giant like Google was so afraid of little ol’ me that they had to divert all my traffic.  *eyeroll*  Because my opinions have that huge an impact on what browser people decide to use.  Yeah.  I can’t make it sound any more ridiculous than it already is! 

Anyway, off to my chores.  Oooh, fun!  Jealous?  LOL

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For the 2nd time in less than 3 weeks, we were without power.  A storm blew through here early in the morning yesterday and left a lot of debris in its wake.  There were branches and leaves all over the parking lot, and later after Darc got home and we went out to get something to eat, we saw lots of tree limbs on the ground.  We even saw an entire (huge) tree that was uprooted, and someone’s truck that was buckled by a tree falling on it!  We were lucky, I think.  There was a lot of damage around us, and we escaped unscathed.  Our power was out all day and only came on just before Darc got home, while it was out in other areas around us, including the businesses nearby. 

Of course, just because the power came back on didn’t mean the Internet connection came back online, oh no!  That remained out for a few more hours.  So, I could play tons of Freecell and Spider Solitaire, but couldn’t get to my Reader.  Such is life!  LOL 

Thankfully the power wasn’t out as long as it was last time either. 

So no real housework for me yesterday!  Ha!  No washing machine and no vacuum, wheeeee!  Of course, that means I have to catch up today so I guess it balances itself out.

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imageMy loving husband sent me an article a few days ago, “Why Internet Explorer will survive and Firefox won’t.”  He knows of my love for Firefox, the one he turned me on to in the first place, to get me away from the pop-up and hacker-friendly  Internet Explorer.  I was kind of sad when I read the article.  If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know how passionate I am about FireFox and being able to use my beloved add-ons.  Oh my gosh I love add-ons!  Once I found them, I barely gave IE a wave goodbye. 

That was in 2005.  Seems like so long ago, and I guess in tech-years, that’s like centuries or something.  I’ve been locked in embrace with FireFox ever since and haven’t regretted it in the least.

Oh, I looked at Chrome.  With a bit of trepidation.  Seems like Google was using it to gather lots of private information. 

Not interested in Opera very much.  There’s nothing wrong with it or anything, it just wasn’t my speed.  Although, they’re coming out with a new version soon. 

This month has been a big month in the “browser wars.”  War?  Really?  Why not battles?  I like the alliterative qualities of that better.  Browser battles.  Smile  All three of the biggies made major upgrades this month.  All showing off for our attention, wooing us with their features. 

I read the article my husband sent me.  Looked like FF was on the outs, and IE9 and Chrome were neck and neck for the lead.  IE9 has some bang-up new features, so they say, and Chrome backed off on the privacy issues and also had some cool beans features, and the kids in the know say both have awesome add-ons.

Add-ons?  One of my drugs of choice.  Smile

I went to check it out and frankly, while they’re making great strides, they can’t compete with my beloved FireFox

Then I came across these articles: Firefox 4 downloads eclipse Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 usage share is twice Internet Explorer 9 in half the time.

So it looks like FireFox just might be around longer than the writer of the first article thinks.  Heh.  Smile  I sure am happy about that!

But I’m playing with IE9 and Chrome anyway.  I guess it’s good for a girl to know a bit about the other prospects in the neighborhood. 

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So what was the big cause for all the excitement on Friday, you ask?  At least, those of you who also follow either me or my husband on FaceBook did. 

Well, it’s this – we finally got our own Internet service, and no longer have to rely on the borrowed connection from the complex here. 

Can I have a “WOO!”?  Open-mouthed smile

We found this awesome service, and we have 2 weeks to try it out and we can return it any time for free within those 2 weeks if we don’t like it for any reason.  So that’s pretty nice.  The price is reasonable, if we move we can take it with us, and heck, if we travel we can take it with us.  Sweet, huh?

And sooo freaking easy to set up!  I just plugged it in and there were like 3 steps and voilá!  Online!  Fast speeds too.  The first thing I did was log into my favorites list on YouTube and start watching some videos I haven’t seen in a year.  Like this one:

I want to do this if we ever renew our vows!

What a joyful way to wed!

And I’ll tell you a secret.

Remember when I did my own SSRLP?  (Super Secret Real Life Project)  Well, I finally got paid.  And … and … and … I ordered my own computer!  Oh my gosh, even typing it, it still seems so unreal!

For close to 2 years now I’ve gone without my own computer.  You have to remember, Darc and I each had our own computers when we met – heh, that’s HOW we met! – so we were always a 2 comp family.  He had his space, I had mine.  But for these 2 years we’ve had to share.  I think we did pretty well readjusting like that.  But sometime within the next 7 days I will have my own brand spankin’ new computer.  Can I have an “amen!”?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, even new computers and Internet connections.  Open-mouthed smile

1TB.  I’m still pinching myself. 

Now I have to go find a spot on my desk to put it.  My desk!  I haven’t sat at my desk for any length of time in almost 2 years!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself.  Open-mouthed smile

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I was browsing the news last night – wow!  How fun!  This new computer Darc got is pretty awesome.  Even though we don’t yet have our own Internet connection, we’re getting decent speeds from the connection we’re able to get.  We’ve gone from “very low” on the old boat anchor, all the way up to “fair” on this one.  I’m dizzy from it!  Plus the screen … oh my gosh I can SEE!  Open-mouthed smile

Re-establishing our own Internet connection has been a big topic of conversation here in the Darc House, and we’re excited at the probability of that happening in the near future.  One bite at a time.  We’ve decided that when we do, we’re going to go with an Internet only package, no TV.  There were several reasons for it, but one of the major ones is family time.  We like spending time together as a family and sitting down to watch the latest episode of some show while the kids go off into their room to play because they’re not interested in “grown-up shows” is not how we want to be.  Plus, we’re really not excited at the prospect of them being glued to Nick Jr or Noggin or whatever the current kids TV station is. 

We do love watching movies however. 

Getting movies from the library has been a boon.  You can’t beat free!  But, it’s also kind of discouraging knowing you’re not going to find anything more recent than maybe 2-3 years old, IF you’re lucky.  So, when we found out that once we have an Internet connection we can stream movies through the Wii, we were all over that.  Netflix was on our list of future additions to the electronic family here.  Plus, we really love being able to watch DVD’s.  We LOVE our pause button while we dissect and talk about the movie we’re watching. 

Then I read this article: Netflix Is Abandoning DVDs, Customers Who Prefer DVDs. 

Can I just say I’m REALLY not happy about this?  I don’t want to stream all my movies, as much as I love the idea of being able to do so.  What if my connection goes down for some reason while we’re in the middle of a movie?  I want the hard copy!  I like the idea of options and I’m not pleased that Netflix wants to remove those options. 

I had Netflix several years ago when they first came out and I loved the service.  Bonus points too because I hated Blockbuster.  Do you know how hard it is to get decent customer service at Blockbuster? 

Now I find myself thinking I’ll go with Blockbuster for my movie rentals when I’m finally able to utilize a service like that.  They do DVD’s AND streaming – although I don’t yet know if they’ll stream through a Wii – but it kind of bites to have to go back to them.  The one I liked is letting me down, before I even had the chance to re-join them!  Back to the freaking drawing board, and here I thought my research was all done.  *sigh*


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