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Marriage and money

I did something stupid.  Yeah, quit nodding your head and laughing, it doesn’t happen all that much.  😛

I’ve been trying to set up FireFox and other programs on my own profile that my Beloved set up for me on his computer.  You know I love my FF add-ons!  Well, they had a new one for something called Buxfer.  It’s a financial site that tracks all your finances.  You can set up bill reminders, bill payments, balance your account, do budget stuff – all kinds of neat things and I recommend it to those who are interested.  You can go to for the full site, and you can find the FF add-on here.  It wasn’t setting it up that was stupid – it was not discussing it first with my husband.

See, here’s the thing: we keep all our financial stuff separate.  It’s something we learned after going though our respective divorces.  It wasn’t a “prepare for the worst” type of thing, it was a protection type of thing.  Our past credit history was tied to our exes, and if anything either of our exes did messed up one of our credit histories, if we had anything in joint credit, it would mess it up for the other.  Boy that came out confused!  In a nutshell, if my ex got into financial trouble, since my credit past was tied to him, if Darc and I had joint credit on anything, something my ex might do could potentially affect Darc.  Make better sense now?  Keeping separate credit on everything is something I highly recommend to married couples.  No joint financial stuff – not even the house.  You can set up other legal documents in the event of death or divorce.  If one of you loses your job, then your spouse is safe, and you may need the safer credit to help rebuild your life.  It’s just a practical thing.  And that’s a long way to explain that our finances are separate, but now you understand why.  That being said, I’m the numbers person in the family, and while our financial stuff is separate, I do ALL the budgeting and bill paying.  Essentially I run Darc’s finances. 

So I set up his financial stuff on this Buxfer site and didn’t ask him first if he was okay with that.  He’s not big on keeping financial data online, for obvious reasons.  He was falling asleep and I didn’t want to bother him and frankly, since I’ve been doing all the financial stuff for over a decade now, I just didn’t think he’d have a problem with anything I did.  And after the meltdown of my computer this week – my computer that contained ALL our financial – I figured keeping that kind of stuff in an online-accessible place was a good idea. 

Well, Darc wasn’t happy with me, and told me so, in the nicest way possible you can tell somebody that you’re not happy with something they did.  I apologized, and he understands my reasons for doing what I did.  And I wouldn’t have even considered signing up on the site if they didn’t have a nice little delete button for those who change their minds about it.  Keeping financial stuff online is a risky venture.  Not keeping it online where you can get to it in the event of a computer failure is also a risky venture.  It’s all about picking  your poisons and knowing you’ll have to choke down one of them.  In a perfect world, my bank would have a FireFox add-on I could use.  In the meantime, we’re going to give Buxfer a try.  If for any reason one or the other of us gets uncomfortable with it, it’ll be deleted pronto.  Surely it can’t be any worse than when our bank got hacked into, right? 



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Tax Day Dreams

Oooh, it’s tax day!  You know what that means!  WE have to pay taxes.  Government people do not.  That’s what they call “economic justice.”

Anyway, it’s sort of slow around here.  I saw that WIGSF said some blogs he’s read are “painfully boring” and I know he’s talking about me, in a non-specific way.  I appreciate the lack of finger-pointing, WIGSF, but I can take a hint.  I’m boring.  I know I’m boring.  I have always been boring.  But I am rarely, if ever, bored.  I’ve had enough excitement in my life, thank you very much, and I’ve never found it to be a fun thing.  Wait, I take that back.  A few times the exciting things have been fun – meeting and marrying my Beloved, having my kids … but the rest of it, not so much.  So many bad things have happened to me that boring feels pretty good and I kind of revel in it now.  Sort of like no news is good news.  The only excitement I want now is the winning lottery numbers.  😀

And just what would I do with that lottery money, you ask?  Well I’ll tell you!  Let’s pretend that I won – the total right now is just over $100M.  Since we’re pretending, let’s just go with that $100M – it’s a nice round number – and not worry about the stupid tax thing.  (It’s just legalized theft anyway, but that’s for another blog.)

Right off the top – 10% goes to charities.  That leaves $90M.

I need a house and a couple of cars, so figure … $600K for all that.  Plus furnishing and decorating, let’s call it an even $1M for a house, cars, and the accompanying junk.  So … $89M left. 

Half of the total into trust funds for the kids, that would be $50M, so there’s just $39M left over. 

We should set aside some to live out the rest of our lives on, pay the bills – I dunno, what sounds good?  I’m sure we could live on $250K a year, easy.  How many years do I have left?  Maybe 40 if I’m lucky?  So that’s another $10M, now I’m left with $29M.  Let me round that down to $25M to pay off some old debt and keep a couple of old promises made.

Wow, $25M … to play with and show some love.  Only … I don’t have 25 friends.  I have a few, but not 25.

Hmmm … who, reading this blog, loves me the most?  😉


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