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I realized the other day that it’s been a while since I’ve picked up any kind of cold medicine for the kids.  So I got a bottle of cough medicine to have on hand, because when my kids get sick, it tends to settle into a cough.  I figured it would be a good time to clean out the medicine cabinet too, so I started checking expiration dates.  The most recent ones expired in 2010, and a couple even went as far back as 2006. 

It struck me how much of a blessing that really is.  Medicine is truly one of those “better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it,” sort of things.  My kids have not been sick enough to go through all the medicine I had on hand.  Sure, they’ve had the occasional cold or cough, but nothing that’s really hung on for a long time.  We’re so lucky, so blessed, to be able to throw away medicine. 

I certainly can’t take any credit for it.  I don’t do anything special to keep the house germ free, or things like that.  They just don’t get sick very often. 

So that is my thankfulness for this month, this month during the proverbial cold and flu season.  🙂


[All the meds that went into the trash.]

Do you have something you’re thankful for today?

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Thank you


It’s been a few days since I’ve been “down” with this crazy cold thing but it’s time to get back in gear now.  I mean, seriously, I just can’t let things go anymore, no matter how I feel!  Fortunately, I’m starting to feel better so it works out quite serendipitously.  Smile  Heh, my big word for the day. 

So.  What would the wife of the DarcKnyt wear to work around the house, you ask?  Okay, well even if you didn’t, pretend.  Work with me here, people!  I would wear the featured ensemble.  Cute, huh?  I like the colors.  And of course, black pearls.   This is the Darc side, afterall.  Winking smile

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.  The cold is leaving, slowly, but it’s leaving and wellness is always a beautiful thing, which is why it’s such a hoped for thing.  Thank you.  Smile

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My Turn!


I wish I could say that in a positive way.  Taking turns is generally thought of as a good thing, but not this time.  It seems the bug baton got passed from my husband to me, and I’ve spent the last 2 days either in bed or on the couch.  I haven’t even been in front of my computer since Friday. 

My poor husband, not even 100% himself yet after his bout with it last week, did his best to take care of me and the kids, making sure we at least all got fed.  I haven’t even hugged or kissed my kids since Friday, in an attempt to keep them from getting sick.  I think that’s the part I hate most.  Hate it more than the stupid little raw red “Hitler-esque” mustache from having blown your nose too many times, the chapped lips, hate it more than the painful wracking coughs, hate it more than the feeling that 20 gallons of melted cheese has been stuffed into my 10 gallon head.  I feel like my teeth are getting punched out in slow motion from the inside.  I can barely hear anything due to the clogging in my ears and my sight is all blurry and my eyes feel like they’re doing their best Marty Feldman routine. 

I miss my kids though they’re right in front of me.  All the snuggles, cuddles, and kisses.  But if it means I can spare them this, then it’s worth it.  If they come down with it anyway, then all bets are off and I’ll literally be kissing the snot out of them.

I fear I’m getting weak though.  Usually, I scoff at bugs like this.  I’ve always been pretty hardy, and Darc can attest.  I almost never get sick, have never had a broken bone or a surgery, have no hereditary diseases that run through my family that I know of.  Yep, prime breeding stock, that’s me!  LOL  The fact that something this seemingly small can take me down like this leaves me feeling a little vulnerable.  So, either this thing is a lot worse than I thought, or I’m growing weak in my old age.

Ego convinces me this bug is a doozy.

Stay well! 

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Funny Pictures - Happy Chair is Happy: Kermit Leaf Sings Such Sad Songs

I dunno, that leaf looks more to me like it’s saying, “Leaf me alone!” than “It’s not easy being green.” 

Darc seems to be recovering and I am so thankful for that.  Those of you with spouses know how hard it is to see them suffer and not feel well. 

Also, thankfully, no one else in the house seems to have gotten sick either.  The kids and I aren’t showing any signs of anything so unless this thing has a long incubation, we just might have skated by this one.  Major whew! 

I am also thankful for tissues.  I don’t know how may boxes Darc has gone through, but can you imagine if we still lived in handkerchief days?  No, didn’t think you wanted to go there either.  Winking smile

Theraflu also ranks on my list of thankfulness this week, because it helped him feel better. 

Plus, tomorrow is the 1st day of Autumn, woo!  I love Autumn!  The long hot summer is over, the leaves are turning so many lovely colors, and the night air has a wonderful hint of chill in it.  Football is a weekly feature now – at least I can follow the scores online even if I can’t see games.  Warm apple cider with cinnamon sticks, mmmm.  Smile  Autumn is blessing and bounty and I’m thankful it’s finally here. 

Do you have anything you’re especially thankful for this week?

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Time for Bed!

funny dog pictures - Goggie Gif: Time for Bed!My husband doesn’t get sick very often, but when he does, I know just the thing.  Some comfort food, something warm to drink, and sleep. 

I’m a firm believer in babying sick people.  Generally, it’s kick them off to bed, wait on them hand and foot, make them sleep until they get well.  You’d think I’d have at least one member of the family down sick at any given time, based on that, but fortunately, we’re a fairly healthy bunch.  Smile

I used to have a neighbor who couldn’t be in the same room with her kids when they were sick.  She told me that sick people made her angry and she couldn’t stand to be around them because she constantly wanted to yell at them to get up and quit being sick.  I just can’t get there.  People don’t get sick on purpose – well, okay, maybe some really crazy people – but in general kids don’t do that because they like to run around and play too much to be okay with being sick.  How could you yell at your kids for being sick?

Anyway, Darc is down.  He’s been coughing all day and I know the poor guy’s going to have a heck of a rib ache tomorrow.  I’m not even confident he’s going to feel well enough to go in to work tomorrow either.  If you’re the praying kind, he could sure use some right about now.  Thanks!

And how are you feeling?

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imageWhat an interesting weekend!  Well.  Sort of. 

The KnytLite is still sick.  He is getting better though, but it’s a slow process.  Slow if you’re 9.  According to him, he’s “been like this forever, and I’m probably going to die like this too!”  Yeah, no sense of drama in my child.   :roll:    

Unfortunately, the MiniNess did come down with it as well.  She, too, has had this forever and will also die from it.  What one says, the other mimics.  But, I know she’s sick when she stops bouncing.  I don’t call her my Tigger baby for nothing!  So to see her dozing off at odd hours during the day, lethargic and not wanting to play games, I know she’s been hit hard. 

Me, I thought I was going to catch something too.  My ear started bothering me yesterday and I started to freak out a little.  I had an ear infection – my only one ever – about 20 years ago, and it was one of the most painful things I’ve ever endured, next to labor.  My ear drum burst and I never have recovered 100% of my hearing in that ear either.  I felt that due to the sense of vertigo I was experiencing last night, along with the watery sensation in my ear, and the tinnitus, made it the perfect time to panic.  I took some meds and went to bed right after dinner for a long winter’s nap. 

It helped.  I was still woozy for the rest of the night, but this morning when I got up again, the weird feeling in my ear seemed to be gone.  I feel like I dodged a bullet.

Oddly enough, Darc seems to be the one avoiding illness this time.  Usually he’s the 1st one down so this is a nice change for us.  Things seem to hit him the hardest, so if he can avoid this altogether, more reason to be thankful. 

In the meantime, Darc and I have been trying to chug along on the latest book project.  I think it’s going pretty well.  He’s not sure we’ll make the deadline.  We’ll see.  Just over a month to go and we’re perhaps 30-40% done.  We do seem to be able to kick it into high gear and work well under pressure though.  Usually.  Sometimes.  Smile  I’m confident!

And how was your weekend?

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Annoyed yet?

imageIt never fails.  Whenever one kid is sick, the cranky factor amongst siblings rises accordingly. 

He hates being annoyed.  He especially hates being annoyed when he’s sick.  I can’t blame him for that one.  Being sick annoys him.  Coughing and sneezing annoy him.  My asking him if he’s hungry annoys him.  His little sister annoys him.  Everything she says and does is grounds for annoyance. 

Since any and everything she does is annoying, she feels free to be as annoying as possible.  Might as well be strung up for a lion as a lamb, right? 

Mom gets annoyed at all the annoying going on.  “Will you guys knock it off?  Quit annoying each other!  It annoys ME when you annoy each other!”

Hopefully the princess won’t get this bug too.  She told me her throat hurt when she swallowed but she’s prone to make stuff up like that.  He’s getting attention for being sick, she wants some too.  Oh the mind of 5-year-olds!  She’s pretty hardy though so I’m fairly confident that if she hasn’t gotten it by now, she probably won’t.  I hope!

So … how’s your day going?  Smile

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