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Walla Walla Bing Bang!

My son is such a character!  I confess, there are times I get a little silly around the house, and I like to sing the chorus to this song.  I’ve never known the whole song, just the chorus, and I like it because it’s fun, and goofy.  It makes the kids laugh.  Okay, mostly roll their eyes but they do laugh too.  😀

My boy loves Sonic the Hedgehog.  He loves to watch videos of Sonic, and sometimes he sends me links to Sonic videos.  No, I’m not into Sonic myself, but I am into my son.  So I watch his Sonic videos.  It makes him happy.  Well, he went looking for the words to that little chorus I like to sing, and he found them in a Sonic video, which he was only too eager to share with me, lol. 

This is what happens when boys combine their mother’s silliness with their favorite cartoon character!



Today’s sunrise.  Still have that cloud bank on the horizon, over the lake. 

Do you have a favorite silly song you sing?

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funny pictures - mah inside voice!It’s been a few years since I did this post –


It strikes me as a little funny that not a whole lot has changed since I wrote it.  I think the volume control knob that came with my kids arrived broken.  I thought, when the MiniNess got a little older, that she’d be the quiet little princess.  But no.  Anything the KnytLite does, she has to try to do better.  She’s a competitive sort, that girl!  She loves making sound effects too.  That one threw me for a loop!  A girl?  Making shooting noises and car noises?  Just goes to show that you can never, ever, peg your kids.  Smile

It’s still fairly loud here.  But now, they’ve learned to roll their eyes behind my back while saying, “We know, we know!  ‘Be quiet!’”

I am oft reminded of Bill Cosby’s routine – “Parents aren’t interested in justice – they want QUIET!” 

From the kid’s point of view, I guess it’s, “What’s life without some sound effects?” 

Still, Darc and I had to laugh the other day when our son complained of the birds in the tree by our place being too loud.  “That’s a bit pot and kettle, eh, son?”

At this point, I’d probably be totally freaked out if things were quiet around here.

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Wednesday Wombat

So, the other day we had some errands to run, library, stuff like that.  As I was opening the car door for my son, I happened to look down … and saw that he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

“What the … where are your shoes?!  It’s 20° out here and you don’t have any shoes on!”

“Uhm … I forgot, I guess.”

“You forgot?  You forgot your shoes?  How in the world does one forget shoes, especially when one is walking on frozen snowy concrete in 20° weather?!”

At which point his father dragged him back into the house for his shoes.  I swear.  *eyeroll*


Now that my friend has brought over all her unwanted sewing stuff, it’s brought home to me how desperately I need to do some organizing around here.  Did I say 7 bins of fabric?  Not little bins either, but the big ones you use to store holiday stuff.  The B-I-G bins.  7 of them.  Full of fabric.  7 giants bins.  The stack is about 6’ high, I’m not kidding.  She’s a quilter and has always maintained that if I just tried it, I’d love it.  See, I’ve always enjoyed making baby quilts by hand, but just a simple 2 piece kind of affair.  My friend makes the kinds of quilts that people will pay several hundred dollars for, really complex kinds of designs with tons of tiny pieces.  I just don’t have the patience (nor the space!) for all those little pieces.  I think I might be able to make some simple designs though. 

But I digress.  I have all these bins of fabric now, and while my apartment is a decent one, it’s not big enough to just leave 7 giants bins sitting around, and the bins won’t fit in my little storage closet.  I’m going to have to break down and get several smaller bins so I can store them, there’s just no other way.  I figure if I’m going to do that, I might as well go the whole route and do the whole place.  It’s time.  I guess that’s sort of like a New Year’s Resolution, right? 


Funny Pictures-MORTAL WOMBAT


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Thursday Thankfulness

My son is a pretty opinionated little guy.  NO idea where he gets it from.  *ahem*  So when I told him I’d placed a hold on a DVD for him at the library, he was less than enthused.  When I explained that it was funny stuff from a long time ago, and he heard “black and white” he rolled his eyes.  This from the kid who loved Them!  He still complains that it hasn’t been done in color. 

When I told him a couple of days ago that the DVD had come in, he wasn’t thrilled.  I tried to get him to watch it the other day and he declined.  “No thanks mom.”  He had that tone.  You know that tone.  That one your kids get when they want to argue but know they’ll get in trouble if they do. 

He was bored last night, so I put the DVD in anyway.  He sighed.  One of those deep sighs like I give when I’m frustrated or exasperated.  He was sure he would not be amused.

I waited.

He chuckled.  Quietly, but still one escaped.  He did it again, and moved to sit on the floor in front of the TV so he could hear better. 

Then he guffawed.  Then he giggled, and was laughing out loud. 


I wasn’t a big fan of The 3 Stooges when I was a kid, but I’ve yet to meet a boy who didn’t love them, now including MY boy.  :D  They made my son – and my daughter – bust a gut, and how could I not be grateful for that?  I love hearing my kids laugh.  😀

What are grateful for this week?

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Itsa rerun

imageThis is my son.  He hates my chicken and potatoes.  Hates them!  Every time I make it – which is fairly often since it’s so  cheap – he rolls his eyes and groans.  Frankly, he’d rather starve. 

Have I mentioned he’s a picky eater? 

He’s found a new love lately though.  We treated ourselves to some pizza the other day and picked up a little cheese pizza for the kids.  The baby girl won’t eat it because “it has sauce on it.”  *eyeroll*

But the man-child?  He ate the whole doggone thing.  By himself.  He absolutely devoured that pizza – minus crusts but I’ll cut him some slack.  I can’t tell you how great it felt to see him have a real boy appetite about something besides Doritos.  My boy ate a whole pizza.  By himself.  And I think that’s awesome. 

I know I’ll feel differently though when he’s a teenager and eats us out of house and home.  In the meantime though, it’s nice to see him not turn his nose up at something.  🙂


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Monday Mayhem

So my son gets upset when he can’t play on the Wii.  He was especially agitated on Sunday, because that’s football day, and with only 1 TV in the house, that meant no Wii for him.  “I hate football!” he complained to me.  If he hadn’t been born at home I might wonder if he was really my kid.  Hates football?  And during a break in the games, daddy and I told him it was okay to play Wii for awhile.  And you know what he played?  Madden NFL.  🙄


I realized this week that I used my food processor for the 1st time ever.  We’ve only had it for like 5 years.  Darc got it during one of his culinary phases.  I needed bread crumbs for the meatloaf, and decided to use the heels I save in the freezer instead of buying a can of them.  A penny saved, right?  So I figured as long as I was making bread crumbs, I might as well go ahead and mix up the meatloaf in the food processor too. 

I won’t say it was a bad idea, but whatever time I saved in mixing, I spent it all, and then some, in cleaning.  Frankly, I’d rather mix by hand.  One bowl to clean. 


I feel compelled to take a moment of silence to remember Pearl Harbor.



We watched a movie this weekend.  Now there’s a surprise, right?  ;)  It was called Taken and starred Liam Neeson.  We ended up giving it a C+.  The action scenes were decent, but overall the movie was predictable.  I love me some shoot-the-bad-guys movies, don’t get me wrong, but Liam played a retired CIA guy.  So he had all the “skillz” but the movie wasn’t about American good guys getting the bad guys.  It was just a dad who happened to be especially skilled going after his daughter.  I so wish they’d make a movie about Mitch Rapp and Scot Harvath.  No doubt Vince Flynn and Brad Thor wish someone would make those movies too.  😉


And because they were so cute, here are a couple of videos for you.  :)  Get the week off to a start with a smile.

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It’s not in the genes

So … what do you get when you cross a horror writer with a serial killer buff?

The other day, I went into the kids’ room to lay down on my son’s bed.  Darc was on the computer, and I was sleepy, so I figured if I napped by them I probably wouldn’t miss much.  My son was playing on the old Flintstones laptop we let them use, playing one of his little games.  It has trucks and fire engines, stuff like that.  He can decorate the park areas with statues and shrubs and whatnot.  I was drifting in and out of sleep when I heard him say, “Hmm, now those make handsome tombstones.” 

I opened my eyes.  Wide.

“What did you just say?”

“I said ‘those make handsome tombstones.’”

I did a quick look.

“Those aren’t tombstones, they’re statues.  For the park.  Decorations.  Do you know what tombstones are?”

“Yeah, those are the things they use for people who’ve died, right?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what they are, but there aren’t any in your game.  It’s a kids game, no tombstones.”


I had to laugh.  This is the boy who jumps into bed with us if he’s had a nightmare, the one who screams bloody murder if the lights go out, and jumps out of his skin if he doesn’t see me walk up behind him.  And suddenly he’s all “cool” talking about tombstones.  Handsome tombstones.  I rolled my eyes.  :roll:  Like that.  Sounds to me like he has another good scare coming.  😉

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