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Buggy Trek


So, I showed my daughter this picture that came through my Reader.  She wasn’t even all the way to my desk before she uttered a small shriek of horror.

“Do you still want to be an entomologist?” I asked her.

“NO!” she stated.  Emphatically. 

That’s kind of what I figured.  I’m not even really sure what inspired the whole bug thing with her anyway, but at least I can set aside any notions I may have had for getting her an ant farm for Christmas!

What she really wants is … a Borg toy. 

My little Trekker.  Smile 

Trekkers, actually.

My son wants something to do with Star Trek, too.  Games, toys, video games.  You should hear my son’s Picard imitation, lol!  He’s awesome!  Truly his father’s boy.  Open-mouthed smile

What with all the watching we’ve done lately of the different Trek incarnations, I think we’ve actually created the next next generation.  Winking smile

So, how was your weekend?

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Breakfast at night


Ever have an “attack headache”?  That’s what I call them, lots of things really, that seem to just pop up out of the blue with no warning?  You’re just going about your day and all of a sudden BAM!  It might be a headache, a muscle cramp, an itch, etc.  There’s no buildup to let you know something’s coming, it just hits.  I hate attack itches!  I had a headache like that today.  I’ve never actually been shot in the head but sometimes I imagine that pain like I felt today might feel like getting shot. 

Why do we do that?  “It felt like getting stabbed! … It felt like getting run over by a truck! … It felt like my head exploded!”  Hmmm. 

Anyway, I took some meds which knocked me out – who knew Ibuprofen could be so powerful?  And the kids, bless them, came in and sat on the bed next to me and quietly did their schoolwork while I dozed. 

Seriously. Proud.

They put all their books on my desk for me to check when I came to so everything was right there, waiting for me. 

After that, I made pancakes for dinner since Darc had something special going on with work, and I had the kids watch the original Star Trek episode that enthralled me so much when I was little.  They actually liked it!  My daughter liked seeing Kirk kick some alien butt best.  That’s my girl, loving the rough and tumble of it all, lol.  It was fun, sharing that with them.  Smile

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We’ve loved Star Trek a long time.  Lately, thanks to the wonders of Netflix, we’ve been able to watch episodes of it in the evenings.  We’ve actually turned our kids onto it!  Initially, we started watching old episodes of The Next Generation (TNG) but Darc and I have seen them so many times that we could practically recite the episodes based on the vague little episode descriptions that Netflix posted.  On a whim one evening, Darc decided to hop over to Star Trek Voyager.  Neither of us actually watched the series while it was on – probably due to whatever was going on in our personal lives at the time before we met.  So for us, the series seems fresh and new.  The kids love it too and even make up little Star Trek stories.  We’ve initiated a whole new generation into the Trek world.  Smile

As I watched my daughter mimic Captain Janeway, it made me think of when I first fell in love with Star Trek.  I was about her age, a bit younger, just barely 5.  Star Trek TOS (The Original Series) must have just gone into syndication or something because it was on in the late afternoon.  I remember that because I remember fighting with my sister over the TV.  She, in her mature teen fashion, insisted on watching Star Trek and refused, REFUSED to give over control of the TV to her little sister, who was desperate to watch Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood.  I remember her standing in front of the TV and blocking me from being able to change the channel.  Yes, this was long before remote control days!  We were yelling at each other until finally my mother intervened.  That’s how I know I was 5, because by the time I was 6 my mother and I were no longer living there. 

My sister won the battle.  I remember crying.  I loved Mr Rogers!  He was my friend!  How could I go a whole day without watching him?  Five-year-old little girls love their fits.

The episode of Star Trek that was on that afternoon was the one with the Abraham Lincoln character.  I knew who that was!  I learned about him in school and he was on money!  Oh, I was mesmerized!  They made him look alive again!  He was almost real, this greatest of all presidents!  (Until Reagan, of course!  Winking smile )  Captain Kirk and the guy with the pointy ears were amazing to me, able to defeat the hated rock monster, and I became a fan for life.  Heroes!  I loved heroes!  They had cool gadget stuff and traveled through space in a ship that was sort of like a submarine, but much more amazing.  They were out there, where the astronauts had recently been, to the moon and beyond (I watched that too!).  How could I not love it? 

Sure, I still loved Mr Rogers.  Always did!  The world is a sadder place without him in it.  But I found room in my heart that day for the Star Trek neighborhood too, and it’s so cool to be able to share that with my kids now. 

Live long and prosper!

You knew I’d get it in somehow!  Winking smile

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Tuesday Trek


Lately we’ve been going back over old episodes of Star Trek: TNG on Netflix.  It’s been fun, and amusing.  I remember watching the show when it was on originally.  Now, looking back across the years, it seems a bit dated and the writing seems a bit … silly.  “Did they really get away with that?” Darc will ask. 

I noticed that it was really like a night-time soap opera.  I never caught that at the time – perhaps because I was such a big fan. 

And to think I almost missed that train!  LOL  For the first few episodes, I dug in my heels and refused to watch, thinking myself a TOS purist.  Kirk and Spock or bust!  Eventually, Picard and crew grew on me.

Don’t think I’d ever go to one of those Star Trek conventions though.  I might pull an “evil Kirk” routine like Bill Shatner did on Saturday Night Live.  Winking smile  William Shatner SNL star trek convention —

What about you? Would you ever go to a convention like that?

Live long and prosper!

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Redshirt Tribute

I saw this over on Blame It On The Voices a few days ago, and finally realized why I won’t wear red shirts.  ;)  I started watching Star Trek way back around 1969 or ‘70, when I was a wee thing, because my older sibling refused to let me watch Mr. Rogers.  I have remained a huge fan ever since.  That was just logical, of course.  :D  And mock all you want but Kirk was cool. 

So here is my version of a tribute to the redshirts.  :D  Unfortunately, they didn’t get a chance to Live Long and Prosper! 





Star Trek Lolz! click here!




For the super geek looking for Redshirt statistics!


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