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funny dog pictures-Hi. I'm Whozmysweetboymommylovesyou.

Dammitdog lives above me.  Well, a version of him anyway!  His owners refer to him as “Shutupdog!” 

I’ve learned a few things about our neighbors since they moved in 3 mos ago.  I’ve learned they’re a mother/daughter team.  The mom seems to be older than me, and the daughter is a teen still in high school.  I thought she was older until I saw her getting off the bus every day.  The daughter also has a boyfriend who visits almost daily.  The daughter is also pregnant. 

At first I just thought she might be a little heavy, but today she did the walk.  You know which one!  Any female who’s ever been heavily pregnant has done that walk!  Up until now, I haven’t seen the girl do that so I wasn’t sure if she was just a bit heavy in the tummy or was showing a baby bump, but after seeing that walk, I’m certain.  And non-pregnant heavy women don’t rub their tummies either. 

So soon – I speculate by the end of the year or in Jan – there will be a baby living upstairs.  And I’m pretty sure that chaos just might ensue.

See, the daughter is a screamer.  I almost never hear the mom but the daughter can’t do anything quietly, she’s just a loud person.  Especially when it comes to the dog.  And since most of his care falls on her, she’s been getting more and more cranky with him the farther along she gets. 

Add a baby into the mix with a loud teenage girl, and a loud howling and barking dog, and do you see what I mean?  I think if the dog wakes up the baby enough times, the dog just might go.  Or if the daughter yelling at the dog wakes up the baby enough times, the dog just might go.  Babies cry, and teenage girls don’t really have the coping skills yet to deal with crying babies – heck, lots of adults don’t either!  But I foresee some rough spots ahead.  Loud rough spots.  *sigh*

But maybe, just maybe, the dog will be gone. 

Oh who am I kidding?!  Ah well, it was a nice fantasy while it lasted anyway! 

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There was a time I would have killed for her. At the end, I mostly just wanted to kill her.

I met her right when high school started, in gym class. She muttered something to herself, and in my dorky way I made a less-than-witty comeback. She quirked a brow, I extended my hand, and thus we became pretty much inseparable during those high school years. Due to her own family issues, she even moved in with me and my family, so she felt more like my sister than simply my friend. “Joined at the hip,” some called us. “Two peas in a pod,” said others. We shared clothes, hairbrushes, even makeup! But not boyfriends. Never boyfriends. Our tastes were too different, and that was a good thing.

In that regard at least.

She considered herself a “wild child” while I was … not. Not then anyway, but I learned a lot from her. She was pretty rebellious, prone to running away (which is how she came to live with me), and into drugs. Lots of high school kids in the 70s were, even me, to some extent.

Yeah, I learned a lot from her.

In the end, she even rebelled against me. Because she was my friend, and it was because of me that she even lived with us, my mother decided I had to be responsible for her. I didn’t like being in that position, and she liked it even less, so we fought and she was gone.

And that was that.

I looked her up on FaceBook a while back, just to see if there was anything to see. Sometimes people cross my mind.

It was kind of funny and kind of weird because she seemed exactly the same to me as she was in high school, like some kind of time warp. And as I read her profile, I realized we have absolutely nothing in common. I wondered if we ever did. She is still a “wild child” and I’m still not. What did we talk about all those years ago, besides how much we “couldn’t stand the ‘rents”? Was our friendship based on nothing more than proximity, and drugs? Her life seems to have followed the path that everyone predicted it would take. She made her choices and lives with the consequences, it would seem.

As we all do, I suppose.

I wept such bitter, angry, heartbroken tears when our friendship ended. I felt like I would never have another friend as close to me as she was. Such is the drama in the lives of 17 year old girls.

I look back and wonder if that friendship was mostly a misperception on my part. We were really friends or just convenient? What was I crying over, really?

She’s a stranger to me.

Maybe she always was.

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Monday Madness

This is a guest post today by one of my blogging friends.  You’ve seen her before under a different name, but now she’s going to start going by Polar Rose.  :)  For today anyway, LOL.  I don’t want to use the name she was using before because she’s had to cease blogging on her own blog for various reasons, so until she can get set up with a new blog of her own, with a new blogging identity, she’s going to be guest posting here and for a few of her other friends.  🙂

When it’s okay to call 911

We teach our children from a very young age how to use 9-1-1 and then we scare the jeepers out of them by telling them not to call.  We tell them it’s in case of an extreme emergency like an accident where mom or dad can’t speak, a fire, or car accident it’s okay.  But never any other times!!  Because we know if we abuse it we will be fined big time!

So as I was driving long last night I needed to use 9-1-1 and my daughter looked at me when it was all over and said ‘I did not know you could do that.’

We were heading to soccer (where else would I be going)  as I was getting onto the highway there was a thug in a pick-up truck that was speeding up in the slow lane and was not going to let me in regardless if it is the law that you are to move over because I am running out of road.

He flies up onto the back of my car on purpose and then changes lanes within inches of my car.  He then proceeds to give me the finger and starts pointing at his head like I need to think or am I stupid or something alone those lines.   At this point we are on the highway and he is in front of me and he is doing all these hand signals so I gave him the finger back.  This is when it turned to pure dangerous road rage and he decided he was going to terrorize my daughter and myself.   

He gets in front of my and hits his breaks then he speeds up and changes lanes and then gets behind me and is right on my back bumper; this goes on as I stay at the speed limit and try to keep out of his way. He gets besides me to force me from my lane.   He is going to have no part of just leaving me alone.  He keeps it up until we get to the top of a very dangerous bridge which has high winds most of the time.   I’m in the center lane and he pulls up beside me and jerks on his wheel forcing me to swerve into the lane beside me.  All I can say is thank goodness no one was beside me and I have ESC (electronic stability control) or I would have rolled the car and he would have killed us.   It was at this point that I called 9-1-1.

There are MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) cameras all over the highway I happened to be on,  so 9-1-1 could watch what was going on and what he was doing to me.  At several points he was taunting my daughter with a hand signal and she saw him saying "bring it on".  The speeding up and slowing down went on as I tried to stay calm and they watched him ~  I had 9-1-1 on the speaker and she talked us through but even with them on the line I have to say it was still extremely scary.  The 9-1-1 operator had to get me off the highway, and as she was directing me to the OPP station, he followed us off the highway.  It was at the top of the ramp when I saw the red light I broke down and started to cry.   I was so scared he would do something to us as all the time he was taunting us we did nothing to provoke him, I just tried to stay away from him. She assured me the police were waiting for me, the car was locked and we were in a very public place so we would be okay.   I have to say OPP Officer Dave was amazing!  He helped calm us down and made sure we were okay.  He could see the fright in my daughter and assured us this guy would not be getting away with this, he personally was going to visit this guy and make sure he never terrorizes anyone again.   They told me they will put this on his driving record so if he does this again or is in a accident this will come back like karma to bite him!

It was absolutely the scariest thing I have encountered and to terrorize a 15yr old is beyond thug mentality.   The only good that came from it was my daughter now knows that you can use 9-1-1 besides when there is a fire or someone is hurt in your home.  

It is extremely important that we teach our kids that you can use 9-1-1 at times other then a pure accident or fire.  Our teens are starting to drive and need to know when they are on the road and see a drunk driver or have someone (God forbid) drive like a maniac thug and scare them it’s okay to call.  Someone is on the other end to help them besides mom or dad.   Also 99.9% of phone carriers in North America keep 9-1-1 alive on a cell phone even if you run out of minutes.   


Some great information Rose, and I’m so glad everyone is okay now!  That was some crazy stuff happening.

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You’ve got to be kidding!

I saw this article on Yahoo this morning: It stated, in part;

"What this brain imaging data … suggests is that it is just not hormones that are causing teenagers to be their typical selves it could also be the fact that their brains are developing as well," said Dr Sarah Blakemore, a neuroscientist at University College London (UCL)."

Any parent of a teen (and I am, 2 of them) groans a collective, "DUH!"

Like we needed a neuroscientist to tell us that.

The problem is getting the teens, who think they’re already adults and prepared to go out there and take on the world, to understand that they’re not done growing yet. Try telling a teen they don’t have all the answers. Go ahead. I dare you. You’ll have more success spinning plates on sticks.

Sometimes these University people really bug me. They come up with all this amazing new data, that people have known for centuries. Does anyone remember the Time magazine cover from about 10 years ago that stated, "Men and women are different!"? How’s that for news! Now they tell us that teen brains are still developing. Really?? Wow. Who would have guessed.

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