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Silly Thoughts

The windows are open and I can smell the rain in the air.  I don’t see rain on the little weather map thing I have, but perhaps tomorrow sometime.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I can chop 6 inches off my hair and no one notices.

I wish my town would have fireworks again.  I miss them.

So far this summer, the weather has been pretty nice.  I can’t recall the last time it was this nice.  Watch, it’ll be blazing hot this weekend now that I’ve said this.

Typing sure is easier with short nails!  But I hate having my nails short.

I can’t believe this is the last day of June!  The year is half over!  When did that happen?

My son has already decided on his Halloween costume.  Mario, of course.  Spidey is officially passé at our place. 

I’m feeling crafty lately.  I wish I knew what to make. 

What are some of your thoughts?

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Last day to get my husband’s books on sale!  Hurry! 

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This Week’s Thoughts

funny pictures of cats with captionsThat’s how you know it’s a true friendship, because you don’t care that your shoulder’s fallen asleep.  Smile  And after nearly 4 decades of friendship, I think our respective shoulders probably fell asleep years ago!  I had an awesome visit with my friend.  And was truly blessed by his other friends that he’s been staying with.  Wonderful, gracious folks who felt like old friends the minute they walked in the door, even though I’d never met them before.  The way this whole visit worked out, well, I can only tell you that there are no accidents, Grasshopper.  Smile  It was so amazing the way it all unfolded.  Seriously. Awesome. 


She must have been drunk.  Honestly.  Who tries walking into the wrong apartment at 2 am?  This was way more bizarre than when the lost pizza guy tried to walk into our apartment a few years ago.   I probably should have called the cops, but when someone started trying to open my door, kept trying to turn the door knob, kept trying to force it open, well, I ran to wake up my husband.  I guess I trust him to protect me more than the police. 


My plan for the day is to get caught up on blogs!  And housework. But mostly blogs. Smile  Look out Google Reader, here I come! 


We are making progress on the edits!  Well, slow progress, but progress nonetheless!  I still think we’ll make the deadline, and if we don’t, I still think we’ll only miss it by a few days. 

So, those are some of my thoughts.  What are some of yours?

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This Week’s Thoughts


Did you see that moon the other night? I think it was Tuesday. It was all hazy here, and the moon was sitting pretty low on the horizon to the east.  I tried to grab a picture of it with my phone.   I need a telescope.  Okay, maybe need is too strong a word.  I want a telescope.


After nearly a week of playing around with my Tablet, I can definitively say I love it.  I love it!  I’ve been reading up a storm on it, and downloading apps for it, just like a phone.  One thing I discovered which I thought was cool – I was going to get a stylus for it but I found I just need a fingernail.  No smeary fingerprints!  Built-in styluses!  Woo!  Open-mouthed smile


No longer the “Terminator,” or the “Governator,” now … the “Fornicator.”  *facepalm*  Oy vey Maria, what a mess!


The PlayStation Network is down again?  What in the world are they doing over at Sony?


What’s this about Android phones?  Privacy concerns?  Hacking?  Yikes!  No one is safe anywhere!  No banking on the phone!  Whatever else you do with your phone, don’t do banking!  However, has an app where you don’t connect to a bank but you can still keep track of your money, if you need to check that info while you’re out and about.  It’s pretty cool. 


My husband picked himself up some shoes on the way home from work.  He handed me his wallet when he got home and said, “Go shopping!  You deserve some new shoes too!”

And I realized that I probably haven’t been inside a regular non-discount shoe store other than Payless since 1980-something.  I’m a little overwhelmed.  And unnerved that I’m a little overwhelmed.  And not the least bit interested in going to the mall.  *shudder*  Guess I’m going to Shoebuy!  Or maybe Zappos.  What I really want is something like a “flatform.”  At real-people prices.  And free shipping.  Smile  No, I’m not picky at all!  Why do you ask? 


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This Week’s Thoughts

Hubble Telescope 21st Anniversary

via 21st anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope’s … – Yahoo! News Photos.

Like space?  You’ll love these shots!

A Curbed SF reader sent us the above video of a magical garage door in the Upper Haight.

via Upper Haight Features World’s Coolest Garage Door – Yahoo! News.

Maybe the coolest garage door EVER

2011 Underwater Photography Contest

via MarsaAlam – Yahoo! News Photos.

Some really cool under water pictures.  I like the goby fish – colorful AND translucent.   

A man turning dirt in his back yard stumbled onto buried treasure — hundreds of pieces of centuries-old jewelry and other precious objects that Austrian authorities described Friday as a fairy-tale find.

via Austrian authorities reveal find of buried treasure – Yahoo! News.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! 

We wouldn’t dare rank our nation’s natural assets—who could choose between Yosemite and Yellowstone? But the man-made attractions? You bet. Behold, our picks for the country’s most epic buildings, monuments, and engineering feats, with advice for navigating them smarter, better, and with fewer crowds.

via Awe-Inspiring American Monuments.

Made in America!
Some of our finest monuments. 

History’s once glorious metropolises have become ever more sought-after destinations as Americans get back into travel mode.

via 10 Cities of the Lost World.

Some ancient wonders to behold.  I think Petra is my favorite.

all of the cars on this year’s list of the Worst Cars on the Road are (still) made by domestic companies. That includes the Dodge Dakota, Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and Chrysler Town & Country. The only American car company with zero vehicles on the list? Ford.

via The Worst Cars On The Road – Yahoo! Autos.

Could your car be on the list?

The 8 craziest beds you’ll ever see

via Greatest mattress inventions in recent history – The 8 craziest beds you’ll ever see on Shine.

Okay, how do you get “military corners” on a hamburger bed?

I’ve come up with a neat idea. Neat to me, that is. I’ve had some very nice people take various pictures that involve Joel. His name places, places with the name Joel in them…Joel related. I really enjoy them. They make me happy & I think it’s neat (maybe that’s my favorite word) to have pictures from different people from different places who think “this reminds me of them” or “I think I’ll do this for them.” I’ve also discussed the fact that so many people in real life seem to be scared to even utter his name. I’d like to change that, while at the time expanding this neat thing.

For this, I bring you 365 Days With Joel.

via 365 Days With Joel: 365 Days With Joel: A Project.

Check out one mommy’s way to make memories of her baby who was stillborn.  And maybe send in a picture yourself.  Smile

Weird Houses

via Reaganite Republican: Weird Houses.

The Hello Kittty one was … pink, but the Monopoly house made me laugh out loud.  Open-mouthed smile

Some fun and interesting things to check out.  Smile  Have an awesome day!

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This Week’s Thoughts

Some interesting stuff I’ve seen around the web this week and thought I’d share with you.  Smile

Pierley/Redford personality test

via A Fascinating, Weird Personality Test | Hooking Up Smart.

This test really is weird.  The personality part is something only you can decide.  Winking smile
Timelapse Video of San Francisco-to-Paris Flight Captures Aurora Borealis – Yahoo! News. This video is über-cool!

This letter-to-the-editor actually appeared in a major San Francisco newspaper…

via Reaganite Republican: SHAME ON YOU, Hunters!.

I can help it – I get giggle fits every time I see this.  😆
The best chocolate bars – Food on Shine. Nomnomnom, chocolate!
10 Places Every Kid Should See. Not just the kids!  Heck, I want to visit these places too!
Why North Dakota may be best state in country to live in: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. Thinking of relocating?  Here are a few reasons to check out ND.

Happy Thursday!


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This Week’s Thoughts

I’ve been working on something special to me.  A friend of mine, the guy who runs The Chicago Lampoon, asked me to make a new header for him to celebrate his blogoversary.  I’d love for you to go check it out.  The Chicago Lampoon.  And put him in your Reader while you’re there – he’s got some great stuff on Chicago.  Smile

I don’t have many thoughts this week. I feel sort of … overloaded I guess would be a good word. Like I need to boil the broth down, get the full flavor out of it. Smile

I want ice cream.

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This Week’s Thoughts

Who could think of Elizabeth Taylor and not think of beauty?  Violet eyes and coal black hair.  She had a glamour and a certain charisma that many have tried to copy, and most have failed.  She was a lovely child who grew into a beautiful woman, seeming to skip that awkward teen phase all together. 

And the era’s end caught me by surprise.  So, Adieu Miss Elizabeth.  We bid you sweet farewell.

Elizabeth Taylor was born with it, but the rest of us have to work at it.  Even at that we probably barely get a passing grade in comparison!  LOL  I found these beauty tips online and thought I’d share them with you.

11 one-ingredient DIY face masks

4 Do-It-Yourself Hair Remedies

For sure I am going to try some of these!  Ha, I even remember the girls using some of these tricks back in the 70s, when the whole “natural” movement started. 

More important than outer beauty though, is inner beauty.  Some people ignore that, have you noticed?  We need to cultivate that too.  Kindness, compassion, empathy.  Too bad there’s not an avocado mask for any of those!  Those require real work!  It’s kind of sad, I think, that our society doesn’t seem to reward that kind of beauty as much as it does the outer beauty of a person. 

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