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Flocked Together

It’s the coolest thing.  All morning I’ve been seeing Spring birds outside my window.  Little flocks of either sparrows or chickadees – yeah I’m so not a birder! – going back and forth picking things out of the grass that’s not covered by snow. 

There have been brilliant flashes of red that I thought might be cardinals, but are more likely robins.  Either way, it’s pretty.

We even saw a couple of birds of prey circling behind the office, there’s a field back there.  They were too far for me to get a good shot, but they might have been falcons.

Everywhere I look, it’s birds.  Birds that we generally don’t see until the weather turns warmer and the snow is gone.  Yet here they are, with it looking like it does, temps barely in the 20s, with a Winter storm warning of up to 6 inches of snow on the way. 

Maybe they know something The Weather Channel doesn’t? 

I’m good with an early Spring!  Hopefully those little birds are bringing a good message.


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Yep, this is how IL does sunrise in Winter.  Hope you like gray!  Fortunately, I do, but not every day.

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In Hot Water

It’s that time of year again.  I don’t know why – well, maybe I do but it still sucks – but in winter, we have a hard time getting hot water to our bathroom.  It’s no problem in the summer, oh no!  But in winter, when I’m freezing my buns off, the hot water makes itself scarce. 

I understand that our bathroom is on an outside wall.  I understand that the hot water heater is more centrally located in the apartment.  Why the hot water has cooled to a mild tepid by the time it gets to our shower is beyond me.  I have the temperature on the water heater set as high as it will go.  And I can turn the knob in the shower to be exclusively hot water – and for a couple of minutes I have blessed hot water.  Then, nothing.  No more hot water, just something that is less than skin temp so it feels almost ice cold.  *sigh*

This morning, with temps in the sub-zero range, I opted for a bath in the kid’s bathroom, which is closer to the hot water heater than our bathroom.  Of course, the hot water ran out before the tub was full, but at least I got to sit in the heat-there-was and get my feet warm! 

My dream house will have one of those flash hot water heater things, in addition to a tank.  I’m not taking any chances of running out!

Yesterday in school, I had the kids watch King’s “Dream” speech, in honor of MLK day.  I had to explain racism to them, which, when I think about it, is a good thing.  :)  They had a hard time understanding why one race of people would be treated differently than any other race.  Black skin doesn’t make you less, any more than blonde hair makes you stupid.  They notice more how a person behaves than what they look like. 

The speech, in its entirety.



Today’s sunrise.  I thought the cloud formation back there on the horizon was cool.  🙂

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Winter’s Arrival


“This striking composite image follows the Sun’s path through the December Solstice day of 2005 in a beautiful blue sky, looking down the Tyrrhenian Sea coast from Santa Severa toward Fiumicino, Italy. The view covers about 115 degrees in 43 separate, well-planned exposures from sunrise to sunset.”

Clipped from APOD: 2007 December 22 – Tyrrhenian Sea and Solstice Sky



Yes, I know this “Sunset at the North Pole” is ‘shopped and not real, but I still think it’s an awesome image, and totally in keeping with a Winter solstice.  🙂

Happy 1st day of Winter!

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This Week’s Thoughts

I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to be able to watch some videos again.  Now, I can’t do the long ones, and I still have the hiccup and stalling issues – it often sounds like a bad connection on a cell phone.  But if I take it slow and watch a bit at a time and let it buffer all the way, sometimes I can get to see moving pictures.  Open-mouthed smile  This one made my week.  Oh who am I kidding, it made my yearSmile  A special shout out to Mountain Republic and Carl D’Agostino for sharing this one. 

A most amazing and inspiring tour of our nation’s capital. 🙂


I love looking at pictures of earth from space.  Smile  The amazing photos of life on Earth taken from space by Nasa and European Space Agency satellites


I got brains on the brain, heh.  Smile  6 Things That Kill Your Memory but don’t despair, there are 5 Daily Brain Exercises to help you from losing your memory.


Snow.  How could I possibly not think about snow today?  We got close to 2’ dumped on us.  And the coolest thing happened.  We knew we had to go dig out the car.  We waited until the afternoon, hoping that the sidewalk guy would come and clear those, but he didn’t.  The snow was hip high to me when I walked outside.  We saw the lady parked next to us, the one with the drifts to her window, and she didn’t have a shovel either.  She’s an Asian lady and is shorter than I am, and skinny too.  The poor tiny little thing was out there trying to brace against wind that bent her to a 90° angle.  All she had was a little dustpan, and the handle broke off while she was trying to scoop her car out.  I saw the guy with the truck plow stop and hand her a snow shovel and then keep going.  I was coated up, waiting for Darc to join me, and we went out and did the shoveling for her and helped her get her car out. 

After she got going, the truck plow guy came ‘round again and we told him we had his shovel now – the community shovel, lol.  He saw that we had drifts about 4’ high behind our car.  He circled around and came back and plowed out our car.  I mean he got that plow within 4” of our bumper so all we had to shovel ourselves was just that small area.  Hallelujah!  It was like watching a plow artist at work, LOL, it was amazing. 


So what’s on your mind today?

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image So, this is what it looked like around 5ish on Tuesday.  It’s hard to see the gusts, but they were horizontal.  Darc made it home early and safely, thank the Lord.  They’re saying we’ll probably end up with around a foot and a half of snow here, and gusts right now are at least 50 mph.  It’s a bad ‘un. 

That flag in the picture is pretty much my beacon.  I can tell what the wind is like depending on how it’s waving.  There were times earlier in the day when the gusts were so fierce that I couldn’t see the flag.  I can usually see it at night because that building it’s in front of is the management office complex and they always have some kind of light on, as you can see the row they have lit there.  Tonight, I can barely see those lights and the flag is not visible at all. 

Yes, they should have it lit at night, with a special spotlight dedicated to it.  But they don’t.  *sigh* 

The power started flickering in the early evening hours so we shut down the computers and lit some candles, just in case.  The power did seem to stabilize after a while so I decided to turn on the old Flintstones computer, to see what was going on in the world.  I was using my phone to check the weather reports but after a while of looking at that tiny screen, my eyes start to feel old.  (Don’t say it!)

The Internet connection in here is pretty poor, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get this posted. 

The drifts are already about a foot up on my patio door, and the blowing snow has stuck to the screens so we can’t see out on that side of any of our windows.  The poor crew keeps going out every couple of hours to plow the parking lot here and run the snow blower down the sidewalk.  I always want to take them a cup of coffee or something.  Whenever it snows, they’re out there at 4 and 5 am, plowing so people can get to work.  They have a really great team here.  That is one of the perks to apartment life. 

The drifts are so high, I tried to take a picture of my neighbor’s car but it came out too dark.  The drifts are up to the windows on their car, it’s a little SUV type of thing.  They’re up to the hood on our car. 

I might try to get another picture tomorrow and update this, just to see the difference.  We always have snow here and freezing temps in the winter.  For at least 5 months of the year.  Over 150 days of cold and snow and cold.  We just usually don’t get a months worth of snow all at once.  This is why I say all snow should be confined to snow-globes.  🙂

Oh, happy Groundhog day!

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Wednesday Winter

funny pictures - Cat Hit by SnowI don’t actually know how many days it is until Spring, and around here, it doesn’t really matter what the calendar says.  Have you seen the pictures I’ve posted taken on the 1st day of Spring?  There’s a reason I call it “Sprinter.”  While we had a fantastic New Years Eve, weather wise for us, now it’s in the single digits tonight, likely to stay that way the next few nights to come at least, and that means that whatever the thermometer is, it’s really colder because we have that stupid thing called “wind chill,” which is what the air really feels like.

I used to have a friend in high school who often wistfully said, “Oh, I hope it’s a white Christmas this year.”  Yeah, she needed a good smackin’!  I didn’t even know what a “White Christmas” was, other than a song, until I was in my teens.  Once I saw it, I realized that snow belongs in only 3 places – snow globes, postcards and Lake Tahoe. 

Ahhhh, okay!  I got my annual snow-b#tch out of my system.  😀

We watched these awesome DVD’s I got at the library – a set of clips from the Ed Sullivan show.  Remember that?  It was all music clips, so really, almost like MTV before there was MTV.  I watched the years from ‘65-‘70 and boy did it bring back some memories!  I was cracking up at Herman’s Hermits – “2nd verse, same as the 1st!” and they way they bopped around on stage.  They really should have bottled all that energy!  So much music from when I was a tiny thing, with older teen siblings who listened to the rock stations of the day.  I remember seeing the album for the Chambers Brothers and wondering how they could all be brothers.  “How did all those black men get a white brother?” I asked my sister.  I think she told me he was adopted. 

I had to look up Mama Cass after seeing the Mamas and Papas, to find out just when she died.  She didn’t really die from eating a ham sandwich.  I knew that, you knew that, but can you believe that rumor still persists?  The Jackson 5, the Supremes, Tom Jones – oh my goodness, I had “Delilah” going through my head all the next day!  LOL 

It was so much fun walking down memory lane.  I know if I ever get the money, I’m going to be a sucker for those Time-Life video things that are like 986 disk sets of “all your favorite music!”

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