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My husband has released another of his short stories on Kindle, and it’s FREE until Saturday! 

The Case of Lenny Tiggleman



Book Description

Publication Date: March 3, 2013

A young ex-con comes to the police for help. He tells them he and a buddy saw something terrible, something frightening … and he might have let it kill his friend. But Lenny, a known drug addict and petty thug, doesn’t want the police to find his friend’s killer. Lenny wants to be put safely behind bars.
What Lenny describes is beyond impossible, but when Detective Beattie and his partner start looking into what really happened in that dark alley, Lenny learns just because something’s impossible doesn’t mean it’s unexpected.

The Case of Lenny Tiggleman [Kindle Edition]


Please check it out and pick up your free copy!  And while you’re there, check out the other books and stories my husband has up on Kindle.  :)   Books by J. Dane Tyler

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

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    It’s here!  The short story my husband has been working on the past few weeks, Barrel of Fun, is now published and free for a few short days on Amazon.  Grab your copy while you can, and tell your friends! 


    Barrel of Fun [Kindle Edition]


    Dane Tyler (Author)

    Book Description

    Stanley Danslow is a two-bit private eye. He’s not Phillip Marlowe or Sam Spade, though. Danslow’s the guy you go to when you think your spouse is cheating on you, or the insurance company thinks Joe Blow’s running a worker’s comp scam.

So when the beautiful Mrs. Tellinghousen comes in and asks Danslow to check out her husband, who she thinks just might be a killer, he’s a little out of his depth.

He doesn’t find out just how much he’s out of his depth until he’s in way over his head.

All rights reserved to DarcsFalcon

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For This Week


     A Fine Cast of Characters   

For this week, my husband’s book is free on Kindle!  If you haven’t read it already, now’s your chance to grab a copy.  Smile  I just saw the blurb on Today’s List of Free Mystery, Suspense and Thriller Kindle Books 6/18/12 – Post 2 | eReader Love, which I confess is kind of exciting. 

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle App for your tablet or computer or smartphone. 

Please check it out and give it a read.  It’s free!  Open-mouthed smile 

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Wonky Wednesday


She curled up next to me after sliding under the covers and we drifted back off to sleep together, snug as 2 bugs in a rug.  She’s my cuddle baby and I cling to these moments.  I know they aren’t going to last.  And for some weird reason, I seem to sleep better when she’s snugged up against me. 

After a while I heard her ask for a tummy medicine and I reached over in my sleep to grab an antacid for her.  I heard Daddy ask her if she had an upset tummy and she nodded, then said she had to get up rightnowbecauseI’mgoingtobesick!  Daddy was closer to the bathroom than I was, and he ended up getting her there before I could.  Fortunately, she hadn’t eaten yet and all her dinner from the night before was already digested.  She made that trip a couple of times, thankfully no accidents along the way – if you know what I mean and if you’re a parent I’m sure you do!  Eventually she said she was feeling better and Daddy ran out to get some ginger-ale for her.  She ate a little bit after he got home, then said she wanted to go back to bed.  This is my night owl. She doesn’t do bedtime until as late as she can possibly make it.  And she wanted to go to bed at like 7ish or so. 

She slept for hours and hours, finally getting up close to midnight.  And she seemed to be just fine.  A little bit later she asked for some rubbing alcohol to put on a bug bite she said was itchy.

And I wondered.

Is it possible that was the cause of her being sick?  It was a huge mosquito bite.  I don’t know.  Either way, she’s good to go now and I am grateful that it wasn’t worse than it was.  We’ve been really blessed here, hardly ever getting sick and those rare times we do, it’s short-lived and mild.  It’s cause to be thankful, indeed. 

By the way, it wasn’t pinkeye and it wasn’t contagious.  🙂

On a side note, I spent some time making a new “buy now” page for Darc’s fiction blog, now that he’s got his new book up on Amazon.  I’m kind of proud of it.  :) 

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon


Get your copy of my husband’s books!

Buy J Dane Tyler’s Fiction now!


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This Writer’s Wife

So, last night my husband told me he thought I should try out for some kind of editing thing like a friend of ours is doing.  He said he thought I’d made a good editor, that I had good instincts.  funny pictures of cats with captionsI told him, “You never saw what I did to Witch Hunt before my computer died.”

His eyebrows shot up.  “What are you talking about?  What did you do to Witch Hunt?”

“Relax, I didn’t do anything “to” it, but I did do a lot of stuff to a copy I made of it.”

“Why would you do anything to it?  What’s wrong with it that you think you needed to do anything to it?”

See how his alarm buttons all went off?  You writer types are so easy to mess with!  For anyone who’s not sure how “writer types” are, think “artist types” but smarter.  They can argue back better because they have a lot more words at their disposal.  Naturally.  😉

“Well, I did a lot of editing because I know you’ve been having some trouble with writer’s block, and I figured if I went in and did a lot of stuff to it, that one of two things would happen – either you’d say, ‘What the hell did you do?’ and go fix it, or you’d say, ‘Hmm, that’s not bad but it could be better, here, let me fix it,’ and that it would help you out of your writer’s block.” 

That’s when he told me he thought I’d make a good editor.  :)  High praise from Caesar! 

Being stuck in a rut is hard on a writer – this I’ve seen firsthand.  It saps all their creative energy and confidence.  Now, I have no doubt whatsoever that one day my Beloved will be a best selling author and anything I can do in the meantime to help him will only benefit me (and him too!) in the long run.  So I muck with his stories, try to get his juices flowing, spur his imagination, try to get him out of that rut.  Writers like to fix things with their words, so throwing a little monkey wrench into the works can sometimes make magic happen.  A little monkey wrench, I said.  NOT a big one, like having half of a book’s edits lost when a thumb drive fails.  THAT is what’s called a catastrophe, not a monkey wrench, and it’s most definitely NOT recommended.  Don’t ask me how I know this. 

Okay writers, now that I’ve gone and got your dander up, I know you’re dying to tell me what works best for you when you have writer’s block.  I know just the thought of someone else mucking with your work is driving you crazy, and that you have a sudden spurt of sympathy for Darc, thinking about how his awful wife messes with his work.  So sound off!  😀


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This Writer’s Son

Today in homeschool, one of my son’s assignments was to fill in the blank.  He had a list of words, and a string of sentences, each missing one of the words from the list.  As he went through them, he came to one and seemed to ponder it for a while.

His list was: hand, at, plant, thank, grass.

The sentence that made him pause was:

We will be ___ home soon.

Finally he spoke.  "I know that ‘at’ is the right word to put in the blank here, but it actually reads best without it, just as it is."

Can you tell he’s his daddy’s boy?  My heart actually swelled with pride, because he was absolutely correct, the sentence didn’t require the addition of ‘at’ to make it complete.  He’s just 7, and he recognized this.  Think maybe he’s developing some writerly habits already?  😀

On another note, it seems my Live Writer has blown up again.  I don’t know what the problem is, but as I write this, it’s too late for me to try to deal with it.  Time enough for that tomorrow.  Damn, I don’t want to go through this again!  Wahhhhhh!

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A scary thought

“What are you doing?” my husband called from the bedroom.

“Looking at the news, seeing if I can find anything to blog about,” I replied.

“Blog about this,” he answered, and asked that I come sit next to him and check out some notes he’d jotted down.

You see, the other night, might have been Christmas night, we stayed up really late watching “true life” ghost stories on TV, and then even later by lying in bed talking about the ghost stories we’d watched.  Naturally we had to talk about any and all personal “weird” experiences we’d had, and any we’d heard about from people we’ve known throughout our lives.  We must have been up until 5 AM.  I AM married to a future horror author, so any and all such TV viewing and discussions are justified as research.  Not to mention that it’s just plain fun.  It’s like a slumber party.  🙂

I confess, I’ve had my share of weird things happen in my life.  Things for which I have no explanation, or one you wouldn’t want to hear.  Let’s just say, “you play in the Devil’s playground, you’ll more than likely get hurt,” and in my early teen years, I didn’t heed such warnings.  I was young, I was stupid, and I thought myself bullet-proof – recipe for trouble.  It didn’t matter that I’d gone to Christian school most of my life, it didn’t matter that I was raised in a pretty Christian household.  What mattered was thinking I couldn’t be touched by such things, that I scoffed at such things, and that my friends were into such things.  Such is how trouble is born. 

My husband finds those stories fascinating, and his writerly wheels got to spinning, and now he’s furiously scribbling notes and working out a plot.  He’s thrilled with his ideas, they are as thrilling to him as his Ghost Hunters story is to me.  He says I’m “integral” and you know my ego is loving that.  ;)  It’s not going too far to say he’s inspired, and that’s always a fun thing to see.  I wrote about it once, what it’s like to see a writer get inspired.  It is truly a thing of joy and beauty to behold. 

So far, just based on his notes and the ideas he’s bounced off me, it sounds like it’s going to be the kind of story that will scare the hell out of you.  And I mean that in a good way.  🙂

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