A new miracle doctor was in town. He could cure anything and anybody, and everyone was amazed. Everyone except for Mr. Smith, the town’s grouch So Mr. Smith went to this ‘miracle doctor’ to prove that he wasn’t anybody special. So he goes and tells the doctor, "Hey, doc, I have lost my sense of taste. I can’t taste nothing’, so what are you going to do?"

The doctor scratches his head and mumbles to himself a little, then tells Mr. Smith, "What you need is jar number 43."

Jar number 43? Mr. Smith wonders. So the doctor brings the jar and tells Mr. Smith to taste it. He tastes it and immediately spits it out, "This is gross!" he yells.

"I just restored your sense of taste Mr. Smith," says the doctor.

So Mr. Smith goes home very mad. One month later, Mr. Smith goes back to the doctor along with a new problem, "Doc," he starts, "I can’t remember!"

Thinking he got the doctor, the doctor scratches his head and mumbles to himself a little and tells Mr. Smith, "What you need is jar number 43…"

Before the doctor finished his sentence, Mr. Smith fled the office.


Hahaha!  It’s funny what a little “negative feedback” can do for a person!  Just ask most kids of my generation!  Have a great, and very positive! weekend!

Also, happy 1st day of Summer!


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6 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. EEEEEEExcellent! 🙂


  2. Bob

    that was really funny!


  3. Good morning Darcs. It has been a long year thus far and one heck of a six and half years with the Muslim in the Oval Office, wouldn’t you say?

    In any event, just stopped by to say hello. Pray that all is well with you and yours. Peace and blessings. D.

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    • Hey D, how are you?! So good to see you! Yes, it has been rather a long year, and an even longer 6.5. The end of it just can’t come soon enough, and I pray that we don’t go from bad to worse in 2016.

      I’ve pretty much stopped blogging on this site, except for keeping up with the comments on my Chicago sucks post, lol. It’s still my most popular, go figure. 😉

      My main blog now is, with occasional posts on and In between homeschool, that is!

      *hugs* Praying that all is well with you and yours too, dear lady.


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