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The Apples Don’t Fall Far

We had so much fun last night, teaching Skype to our kids.  Of course, we had to learn to use that particular software ourselves first, lol.  It’s no secret we met online way back in the day, Darc and I, so it only seems fitting that we teach our kids to chat online. 

Besides, what could be more fun than to interrupt your kids’ while they’re watching videos?  😉

Seriously though, it dovetails in well with teaching them typing in homeschool.  This gives them an application to use the skills they’re learning, and to appreciate them.  Learning typing isn’t much fun, but playing with chat programs on the computer is, so now they have a desire to work on their typing skills so they can chat faster.  See?  There is a method to my madness.  😈 

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Sunrise 02-26-13.  We’re supposed to get a snow storm beginning later today.  They say we could get up to 6”.  Such innocent looking clouds, portending such doom! 


Heh, yeah, doom!  I can’t even see out my patio window because it’s covered in snow drizzle, so I had to open up the front door to get this one.  It’s really coming down and it’s only been snowing for about an hour. 

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Another day with my husband at home.

The kids have a day off school.

All the housework on my list got done.

Even made a little progress getting through my Reader and email.

A pretty good day.   🙂

How did you do?


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Walla Walla Bing Bang!

My son is such a character!  I confess, there are times I get a little silly around the house, and I like to sing the chorus to this song.  I’ve never known the whole song, just the chorus, and I like it because it’s fun, and goofy.  It makes the kids laugh.  Okay, mostly roll their eyes but they do laugh too.  😀

My boy loves Sonic the Hedgehog.  He loves to watch videos of Sonic, and sometimes he sends me links to Sonic videos.  No, I’m not into Sonic myself, but I am into my son.  So I watch his Sonic videos.  It makes him happy.  Well, he went looking for the words to that little chorus I like to sing, and he found them in a Sonic video, which he was only too eager to share with me, lol. 

This is what happens when boys combine their mother’s silliness with their favorite cartoon character!



Today’s sunrise.  Still have that cloud bank on the horizon, over the lake. 

Do you have a favorite silly song you sing?

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Well, with a cold snap upon us, we decided that going out to run any errands would not be a good idea.  Thankfully, I had all the groceries delivered and didn’t need to go anywhere.  So I spent the weekend catching up with my Reader, watching movies with my beloved and the kids, and making bone broth. 

And by cold snap, I mean in the teens, with wind chills even lower.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to have wind chills near –30!  That’s just not right!  Temperatures like that should be illegal.  I’m just sayin’! 

So we’re hunkered down and hatches are battened as best they can be.  I’ve got plenty of candles, and lots of broth for those chilly days ahead. 

How do you react to super cold weather?  Do you “hibernate” like we do, or does it invigorate you, like a polar bear?

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Today’s sunrise.  Er, I mean, cloud lightening.  😉

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Creature Feature

clip_image001See this? LOL This is me and Darc watching one of his horror movies together. It’s a perfect illustration of why he mostly watches horror movies by himself. 😀

While he was on vacation this past several days, I made sure he got to watch a lot of movies.  He loves them!  Somehow, watching the creepy, scary stuff relaxes him.  Me, I jump through the ceiling – which is half his entertainment, I’m sure.  :roll:  I guess it takes his mind off day-to-day stuff in a way that other movies can’t.  Maybe it’s the analysis factor.  We just can’t watch movies – we have to dissect them, figure out the plot, try to guess the “whodunit” part, all that kind of stuff.  But he doesn’t seem to do that with horror movies.  I suppose, when it’s a werewolf movie, there’s simply not a lot of guesswork involved, not a lot of plot, so his brain can just veg for a while. 

Hopefully he’s nice and relaxed as he heads back to work today.  He got a ton of movies in, this vacation.  Me, I realized I need to dust the cobwebs off my ceiling.

Do you like to watch horror movies? 

Happy New Year!

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Image Clipped from Creepurtainment – Cheezburger

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It is with great pride and joy that I announce my kids are done with school for the rest of the year!  They worked so hard for so long and managed to actually finish 10 days early.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited they are to have the next 6 weeks off of school.  :)  Now let the fun begin!

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Happy Birthday!

Eleven years ago today, my beautiful boy entered the world. 

Thank You, God, for such an amazing son!


Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!



*hugs and kisses*

A very special thanks to my dear friend Steve, for the awesome post he put up for the birthday boy!


Image courtesy of: Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly: "A Look To The Heavens"

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