I seem to have collected a few posts on the subject of "Chicago sucks." It started as sort of a joke, when the Forbes article came out, and echoed my own personal feelings about the place. I blogged about that, and it seemed that lots of other people felt the same as I did, based on the number of searches for "Chicago sucks" that ended up at my blog. I’ve decided to dedicate an entire page to the posts I’ve done about this subject, and to have a spot where I can keep a sort of "running commentary" on things as they occur to me. If you’ve come here to hate on Chicago, please feel free to comment (here or on any of the posts) and get it off your chest. 🙂 If you’ve come here to argue with me, please don’t bother. You’re never going to change how I feel about a place, or undo what I’ve dealt with. If you want to love on Chicago, I’m more than happy to point you to, where you can get your own blog and praise Chicago to the skies. No hard feelings. 😀

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Other things I hate about Chicagoland …

  • The roads!  Patch, patch, patch.
  • I-94/294.  This "expressway" is known locally as, "The World’s Largest Parking Lot."
  • TOLLS!






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84 thoughts on “Anti-Chicago

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  1. Crebe Craybob

    First time reader, long time Chicago hater. FUCK CHICAGO. Fuck the CTA, Fuck the people here, fuck the food, fuck the gas prices, the attitude, the pizza, the hot dogs, the history, the crime, the police, the mayor, the Cubs, Wrigley Field, Wrigleyville, the summers, the winters, the urine smell, every tourist destination, ever waking moment of my life here, fuck all of you too if you’re defending this shit-box. Fuck the “Sweet Home Chicago” song. It makes me want to puke. It should be renamed “Shithole Shitcago.”

    I’ve lived here for 18 years. I hate every inch of this place.


  2. Nancy

    I’ve been here for two months and I already hate it. The people here are rude as fuck. I hate going shopping, leaving my apartment. My neighbor is a jackass. The people around my apartment complex suck ass. I already want to leave. I came here from Denver. I’ve been out to socialize…people are nice then, but I guess it just takes time to know them. I am so frustrated with the people, the pace of life, and everything in general about this place….


  3. Elizabeth

    I ‘lived 40 years in midtown manhattan and moved here because boyfriend said I would love it> SOOO WRONG!!! There is sooo many desperate peeps here and it takes forever just to get anywhere.The vibe here is BAD!!! The mayor is a creepy dude. I think something really bad is gonna go down here soon.The radiation levels are very high here.Time to bail leaxe this stupid ass boyfriend who talked me into coming here.I had to go to Northwestern Hospital when I got sick and they treated me like shit for 6 hrs… gave me a script for Pepsid an over the counter med.Then they charge me 11 thou??? WTF??????When I was in NYC I went to Bellevue and they were very kind to me. and gave me proper meds. charge? ZERO!! , . I wanted to punch her .The only perk is food is cheaper here but fucking LOUSY!!!Welcome to hell on earth.


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