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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Haha!  Well, kitty there might be into the booze, but this American girl of some Irish ancestry has a crave on for a Shamrock Shake.  I didn’t have one last year because we’d recently changed our eating lifestyle and I was afraid if I cheated, I’d be a goner.  This year, I know I’ll be fine and can indulge a meal without weakening my willpower.  🙂

Today is a good day.  I can’t believe I even got all the mattresses rotated before noon!  The weather is nice, the groceries are being put away, and the IRS has been nice to me.  God is good, praise Him.  🙂

How’s your day today?

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Midday 03-13-13  Look at that blue sky!  Isn’t it pretty?  :)  It’s a great day, for more than just the weather. 

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In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, it’s good to get into the fashion of it all.  Green bow ties and bowler hats are fine, but don’t forget the nails!  Or the shoes, but for sure the nails!  😀 


Clipped from A New Holiday I Just Invented – Cheezburger

Last night while my daughter was playing a game on the computer she shares with her brother, I decided to brush her hair.  I figured I’d have her captive to her game, heheh.  On a good day, when it’s not very tangly, it can take a half hour to brush.  I suffer a lot for my vanity!  LOL  I don’t kid myself, it really is MY vanity – she probably wouldn’t care if it was short, but I love her long curly hair.  After a while the ends do this cool corkscrew thing and it’s a mass of sausage curls about halfway up.  It’s so pretty!  To prove to her how pretty it is, I took a picture to show her.  She’s never actually seen how it looks from behind.  I think she’s more appreciative now, after having seen it for herself.  :)  I measured it too, so she could see how long it is.  Over 2’!  Only 4” shorter than mine.  My great grandmother’s hair was down to her ankles, so I guess you could say it runs in the family, lol, but we have some catching up to do. 

Needless to say, my vacuum hates living here.  😉 



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Oh, I forgot the view of the day!


03-12-13 Midday.  A bit of sun peeks in from time to time, but it’s mostly overcast.

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The Apples Don’t Fall Far

We had so much fun last night, teaching Skype to our kids.  Of course, we had to learn to use that particular software ourselves first, lol.  It’s no secret we met online way back in the day, Darc and I, so it only seems fitting that we teach our kids to chat online. 

Besides, what could be more fun than to interrupt your kids’ while they’re watching videos?  😉

Seriously though, it dovetails in well with teaching them typing in homeschool.  This gives them an application to use the skills they’re learning, and to appreciate them.  Learning typing isn’t much fun, but playing with chat programs on the computer is, so now they have a desire to work on their typing skills so they can chat faster.  See?  There is a method to my madness.  😈 

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Sunrise 02-26-13.  We’re supposed to get a snow storm beginning later today.  They say we could get up to 6”.  Such innocent looking clouds, portending such doom! 


Heh, yeah, doom!  I can’t even see out my patio window because it’s covered in snow drizzle, so I had to open up the front door to get this one.  It’s really coming down and it’s only been snowing for about an hour. 

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Another day with my husband at home.

The kids have a day off school.

All the housework on my list got done.

Even made a little progress getting through my Reader and email.

A pretty good day.   🙂

How did you do?


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I had a husband home from work today, which was nice.  🙂

It’s nice to enjoy the company of the person you’re married to.  You’d think that after all these years, we’d have run out of things to say by now.  But no.  Not us.  We can chat with each other all the time, pretty much non-stop.  And when there are silences – a rare event! – they’re comfortable silences. 

It’s a beautiful thing.  🙂

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It’s weird – whenever the weather looks like this, the phrase, “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day,” always goes through my mind.  So much for sunrise today!

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Now it’s Time

For so long … But we’ll sing just one more song!  Thanks for doing your part – you sure are smart!

Actually it’s time to say so long, good and faithful servant.  My chair finally died today.  I am sad.  We picked it up back in 2005, when I was expecting my daughter.  I had severe tailbone issues and needed something comfortable to sit in that didn’t put pressure on my tailbone.  Plus, the chair was wider than average which was awesome for after the baby was born and I was a nursing mom.  Room enough for both of us!  I labored in that chair.  Not for long, it was a short labor, but still.  I live in my chair.  I’m only half joking when I call it my throne.  😉

Last year, after Darc got his back diagnosis, we went out and picked up 2 new chairs.  I was going to retire my old one and use the new one.  It was super comfy in the store.  But when we got it home, not so much.  It didn’t lower as much as my old one so the cushion placed a lot of pressure on the backs of my legs, causing my legs to go to sleep.  I tried putting on super high heels to raise my legs some, but who wants to do that?  It wasn’t as wide as my old chair, I lost a good 2 inches, and even though it had lumbar support, it just wasn’t as comfy as my old one. 

So I set that new chair aside and went back to my old one, since we’d passed the return date.  They only gave us 2 weeks, and I thought we had 30 days.  I called them on day 16 and found out that bit of information.  Anyway, the new chair sat in the corner, the kids used it when they wanted to sit near me or daddy while we did computer stuff but for the most part, it’s been kind of a dust collector. 

Until today.

Last night I leaned over to pick something up and the chair leaned waaaaay over.  Too far.  I thought perhaps it was just that I’d lost my balance a little, but today it happened again.  Even worse.  I realized the newly christened Tippy would have to go.  *sad sigh*

Thankfully, I have a basically new chair ready to go.  It does have my name on it, I just don’t have its name on me.  Perhaps in time it’ll get all nice and broken in and comfy.  And I can keep my high heels under the desk next to my slippers, I suppose.  I am so grateful that I have it, and don’t have to resort to one of the plastic chairs on the patio. 

Goodbye chair.  And thanks for all the support through the years!



Sunrise for the 12th of February.  At least, I think there’s a sunrise behind those clouds. 

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Walla Walla Bing Bang!

My son is such a character!  I confess, there are times I get a little silly around the house, and I like to sing the chorus to this song.  I’ve never known the whole song, just the chorus, and I like it because it’s fun, and goofy.  It makes the kids laugh.  Okay, mostly roll their eyes but they do laugh too.  😀

My boy loves Sonic the Hedgehog.  He loves to watch videos of Sonic, and sometimes he sends me links to Sonic videos.  No, I’m not into Sonic myself, but I am into my son.  So I watch his Sonic videos.  It makes him happy.  Well, he went looking for the words to that little chorus I like to sing, and he found them in a Sonic video, which he was only too eager to share with me, lol. 

This is what happens when boys combine their mother’s silliness with their favorite cartoon character!



Today’s sunrise.  Still have that cloud bank on the horizon, over the lake. 

Do you have a favorite silly song you sing?

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