In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, it’s good to get into the fashion of it all.  Green bow ties and bowler hats are fine, but don’t forget the nails!  Or the shoes, but for sure the nails!  😀 


Clipped from A New Holiday I Just Invented – Cheezburger

Last night while my daughter was playing a game on the computer she shares with her brother, I decided to brush her hair.  I figured I’d have her captive to her game, heheh.  On a good day, when it’s not very tangly, it can take a half hour to brush.  I suffer a lot for my vanity!  LOL  I don’t kid myself, it really is MY vanity – she probably wouldn’t care if it was short, but I love her long curly hair.  After a while the ends do this cool corkscrew thing and it’s a mass of sausage curls about halfway up.  It’s so pretty!  To prove to her how pretty it is, I took a picture to show her.  She’s never actually seen how it looks from behind.  I think she’s more appreciative now, after having seen it for herself.  :)  I measured it too, so she could see how long it is.  Over 2’!  Only 4” shorter than mine.  My great grandmother’s hair was down to her ankles, so I guess you could say it runs in the family, lol, but we have some catching up to do. 

Needless to say, my vacuum hates living here.  😉 



All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

Oh, I forgot the view of the day!


03-12-13 Midday.  A bit of sun peeks in from time to time, but it’s mostly overcast.

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4 thoughts on “Nailed

  1. Must Have Boxes

    Love the St. Patrick’s Day inspired nail art!

    – KW


    • Isn’t it cute, MHB? I love finding those little gems. I wish that website was still up and running! They did shoes, too. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Wow, your daughter’s hair is incredibly gorgeous.


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