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An Open Letter

(Been meaning to write this one for a while.)

Dear fellow library patron,

I know how proud you must be of little Junior and/or Juniorette, now that they can put disks into the DVD player by themselves.  And I know how important it is to you to make sure your toddler has healthy snacks.

But for the love of God, please make sure the snacks have been wiped off the disks before you return them to the library!

Often I fear that what I find on the disks I rent isn’t masticated food at all, but some other dried bodily fluid that I really don’t want to know what it is.  Do I really need a haz-mat suit just to watch movies from the library?  Do you know what I have to go through every week with cleaning off the disks before we can watch them?  And Lord have mercy on my DVD player if we don’t check a disk before we put it in.  Just how many DVD cleaner kits do you think I can afford?!

I am aware that the current mentality is, “Hey, what do I care, it doesn’t belong to me!”

Let me tell you, your attitude needs an adjustment.  And you need a spanking.  When something doesn’t belong to you, you’re supposed to take better care of it than you would your own. 

Now, we have to share the library movies and books.  I have been doing my part to make sure that the things I borrow are returned in as good, or better condition than I got them.  I don’t think it’s too much to expect you to do the same.

Thank you.

Fellow Library Patron,


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Wednesday Walk

imageI just love this picture.  🙂

We went on a little leaf walk yesterday, and managed to grab a few leaves from the trees in our complex here.  Fortunately the trees around here still have some leaves on them.  Our walk was postponed a few weeks because of my knee.  We found some trees that were in the middle of changing, and some that had changed all the way.  Hopefully, the craft idea I have will turn out nicely with all those colors.  🙂

I’ve been trying to think of what I’m going to replace the Tootsies and Thankfulness posts with when I retire them at the end of the year.  I’ve gone a  year+ with each and it’s time to move to something else, don’t you think?  My problem is, I don’t know what to move on to.  Is there some subject I could talk about that might interest you?  Something I could broach once a week?  If you have any ideas, please let me know! 

My library has this great feature.  I can place holds on books online at home, and then the busy bees there will collect them for me and set them aside for me to pick up at a later date.  Your library probably has a similar service, but I have to say, I have really come to love it.  It’s SO much easier browsing books online than trying to stand there reading book spines with my head at a 90° angle.  DVDs and video games too!  I put a hold on some 3 Stooges stuff for my kids.  Yes, I know I don’t like the 3 Stooges, but my kids seem to really like slapstick, and honestly, I’ve never met a little boy who didn’t like them.  I recognize that just because they’re not to my taste, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still comic geniuses.  Plus, they’re classic.  I’ll let you know my kids verdicts when the videos come in.  I know you’re just dying to know.  😉

Oh, by the way, be sure to wish your local Navy personnel a Happy Birthday today!  The Navy turns 235.  Happy Birthday Navy, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication to serving and protecting us.  *salute*


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Wednesday Weak

But getting stronger!  I managed to make it out of the house today for the 1st time in nearly 2 weeks, woo!  We made a trip to the library to return some stuff and I made it all the way to the back where the videos are.  Progress, yay!  I mean, it was slow progress with me step-limping all the way through the library, and one kid almost mowed me down because he was running and not really paying attention to the gimpy lady giving him the terrified-dirty look, but progress is progress and I’m not knocking it.  It was nice to get out of the place, even if only for a few minutes.  And now I have new stuff to read and watch.  :)  That means I can update my Shelfari page

We’re supposed to have simply gorgeous weather for the next few days and I’m so hoping we can take the kids for a little leaf walk around the complex, pick up some cool leaves.  I want to make those “stained glass windows” things, I think they’d like that.  You know, the one with the leaves and the wax paper and the melted crayons …. 

And other than that … I guess I’m off to bed.  Dreamland is a fun place to be.  🙂

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Check out my husband’s latest book, available for download!
A Fine Cast of Characters on Amazon US (Kindle version)
A Fine Cast of Characters on Amazon UK (Kindle version)
A Fine Cast of Characters on Smashwords (non-Kindle versions)
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Thursday Thankfulness

I was going to post about being thankful for my local library, since I got an email today telling me that the movie I placed on hold several months ago is FINALLY in!  Woo!  So I can go pick that up within the next few days, and I’m feeling some love for my library.  But I already did a thankfulness post on my library.  Now I’m left struggling to come up with something else.  And I’m all discombobulated, because it took me a while to think up the library.  I’m a touch on the cranky side today, I feel like I haven’t gotten enough sleep, so I guess forcing myself to be thankful is a good thing.  🙂


Actually, there is something I’m grateful for this week.  Febreze.  The closet in our bedroom is right next to the room formerly known as The Smoking Room.  I’ve been noticing over the last few weeks that I could still smell cigarettes whenever I went into the closet.  I didn’t pay much attention because I figured it would air out eventually, but I have a lot of stuff stored in there, as well as our clothes, so today I went through and sprayed Febreze over everything and it smells much better now.  :)  So there’s my gratitude for the week and I’m sticking with it! 


How about you?  Anything you’re grateful for today?

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Wednesday Whittles

It seems to be a week of slumps.  It’s hard to find things to blog about after that long weekend.  I pulled out WIGSF’s list of Wednesday things that he left on my blog a week or 2 ago, when I was complaining, and thinking Wednesday Woe, or Wretched Wednesday would be a really bad idea.  He had a lot of great ideas on that list.  Today he made me laugh because on his blog he made the observation that Aston Kutcher is really just a tall Tom Cruise.  Later in the evening that came back to mind, and I thought to myself how I never thought about celebrities much anymore, certainly not like I did when I was a teen.  And I had forgotten that not 5 minutes before, I’d made the observation to my husband that Richard Gere and Patrick Stewart could pass for brothers, if you shaved Gere. 

I grabbed half a dozen books from the library, so now I have a lot to read when the old connection goes out on me.  NoConnectI love that little Shelfari website!   I try to update it every time I come back from the library, but I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to remember all the stuff I’ve read over the years.  I don’t remember book titles!  Who are we kidding here!  I can’t even remember movie titles from movies I saw last week!  Total Swiss cheese memory when it comes to that stuff, but I can remember birthdays like nobody’s business. 

I also got a ton of movies to watch, some I’ve never seen before, and some that are tried and true.  They still didn’t have Clash of the Titans, the 80’s one, and I found out I’m 7th on the list.  *sigh*  7th?  That might be a long wait, considering they don’t even have a copy in stock. 

WIGSF, here’s a couple of pictures I thought you might enjoy.  Wombats, for your Wednesday viewing pleasure.  😀



Off to read and give Darc a shot at the box here.  Have a totally awesome Wednesday.  🙂

Oh, you like this cool grid thing I made?  🙂




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Thursday Thankfulness

image Library computers.  I hate them, yet I am thankful for them.  For all the reasons why I hate them, see yesterday’s post.  Today, I am focusing on the grateful. 

I think it’s wonderful that we live in a time when libraries aren’t just about books.  There is so much there to take advantage of.  Computers are just one aspect.  Do you remember when computers cost thousands of dollars?  It wasn’t that long ago.  Few folks had email and Internet service was kind of expensive. 

Now you can walk into your local library, plunk your butt down and use a computer for free.  Free!  Seriously, that’s pretty amazing.  Yes, you’re limited in a lot of what you’re permitted to do, the library has to protect it’s investment after all, but still, that’s pretty cool.  Where else can you go to find someone who will let you just walk in and start using their computer and Internet connection? 

So while it’s on the frustrating side to have to go to the library – still it’s one of those things where I can say in all honesty, “Thank you Lord, for the opportunity and freedom to do that.”  🙂

Anything you’re feeling particularly grateful for this week?


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How can I be

imageA hot pink one!  Seriously!  How is that evil?  Pink isn’t evil!  C’mon!

Such is my answer to those in my past who thought I had greater powers than I really do.  Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing and awesome powers in abundance, but the epitome of evil I’m not.  Just sayin’.  😉


I sat at the library yesterday.  I can hear you now – “Whoa!  The library!  Sitting!  What an exciting life you lead Falcon!”  And I do, don’t misunderstand.  I’ll probably do a write up about it for my “thankful for the week” tomorrow.  But for today, allow me to list the things I don’t like about the library computers.

Internet Explorer.  No tabs.  No volume.  No uploading your own stuff.  No bookmarks.  No personal links.  No Firefox.  Time limits.  No privacy. 

It’s pretty utilitarian.  And really not even all that fast.  But it did have one thing I did not, which is a connection.  So I chewed through my Reader as best I could, tried to send an email or two, but didn’t have time to blog.  That’s the thing about blogging: you just have to have your fix.  Now I’m sitting here at this ungodly hour praying for a connection of some kind – wishing my awesome powers extended that far.  I’m a little afraid the universe might collapse if I miss a day of blogging.  I mean, I’ve got like 2 years into this streak!  I can’t just let that die!  Plus, you all would miss me too much and I really don’t want to do that to you.  Ha, made you laugh!  😉

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