Nawt Sharing

Puppy isn’t going to let goose steal his dinner!  Actually, I think I saved this gif for the dog.  That is the most gorgeous dog, and I want one!  Is that a white Border Collie or Shepherd?  It’s hard to tell from the gif. 

Animal Gifs: Nawt Sharing.

Animal Gifs: Nawt Sharing. – Cheezburger

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

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4 thoughts on “Nawt Sharing

  1. AFVet

    Looks like a white German Shepard.
    Smart dog,.


  2. AFVet

    No edit function, Shepherd is what I meant to say.
    My neighbor’s son has a black one,…great dog.


    • Hi AFVet! 🙂

      I was thinking the same as you – it reminded me an awful lot of the White Shepherd I used to have, as well. But then when I looked again, the shape of the head, ears, and the long hair on the coat reminded me of the Border Collie I used to have, too.

      Maybe this dog had a Shepherd mother and Border Collie father, lol. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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