Creature Feature

clip_image001See this? LOL This is me and Darc watching one of his horror movies together. It’s a perfect illustration of why he mostly watches horror movies by himself. 😀

While he was on vacation this past several days, I made sure he got to watch a lot of movies.  He loves them!  Somehow, watching the creepy, scary stuff relaxes him.  Me, I jump through the ceiling – which is half his entertainment, I’m sure.  :roll:  I guess it takes his mind off day-to-day stuff in a way that other movies can’t.  Maybe it’s the analysis factor.  We just can’t watch movies – we have to dissect them, figure out the plot, try to guess the “whodunit” part, all that kind of stuff.  But he doesn’t seem to do that with horror movies.  I suppose, when it’s a werewolf movie, there’s simply not a lot of guesswork involved, not a lot of plot, so his brain can just veg for a while. 

Hopefully he’s nice and relaxed as he heads back to work today.  He got a ton of movies in, this vacation.  Me, I realized I need to dust the cobwebs off my ceiling.

Do you like to watch horror movies? 

Happy New Year!

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Image Clipped from Creepurtainment – Cheezburger

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3 thoughts on “Creature Feature

  1. Horror movies are no where near as scary as real life. Ever watch the news? That’s scary.

    “One brand of toothpaste may be killing you. We will tell you which brand after sports weather and traffic.”

    Well, no news anymore, at least not on TV. But yeah, I love true crime shows, and books. Real. Horror.

    Actually, I’ve known a couple people who’ve lost loved ones to brutal murders. Both stories were headline news for a while.


  2. I love you. I am relaxed, and did enjoy the weekend. I think you’re right — it’s just an automatic shut-off valve because they’re so lame. HA! Never thought of that before!

    LTY, with all my heart. Miss you today.

    LTY2! I missed you tons too. This place is just so much more empty when you’re gone.


  3. OH, love the new theme, too! Looks GREAT!

    Thanks, Love! 😀


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