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Wednesday What The?

imageIt just feels like one of those weeks.  You’ve had them, right?  Where odd things seem to happen and things you expect, don’t?  Or things you don’t expect, do?

I got tagged by a local radio station the other day, bashing me for my Chicago Sucks page, while the post they tagged me in was a Philly Sucks post.  Did no one there catch the irony?  I was expecting to get tons of hate mail from it … but not even a single hit.  I guess no one reads the web pages from the local radio stations.  Heheheh. 

Then, over on someone else’s blog, I left a comment about the post they’d put up, and another commenter threatened me!  I mean, WTH?  Actually called me names, called my husband and children names, said if they knew where I lived they’d call Social Services to come take my kids.  And I wasn’t even talking to them or about them.  So, why the hostility, you ask?  Because in my comment I’d said I hated a particular band.  And they went ballistic.  All caps and everything.  Seriously.  It was one of those kinds of things that makes you think someone missed their meds that day.  *eyeroll*

I did manage to find another movie I’ve been wanting to see for a long time at my library – Vanilla Sky.  I haven’t seen it since around 02 or 03, but I remember thinking I really enjoyed it, so I wanted to see it again.  Of course, the kids got THEM! again.  *sigh*  The ant fascination wears off eventually, right?  Right?!

My friend’s move last week was successful, so thank you for your thoughts and prayers on that one.  I’m so happy for her.  😀

So, what kind of odd stuff has happened to you lately?

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