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via Rainbow Roses Are Extra Special Flowers For The Extra Special People In Your Life – The Fun Times Guide.

These are so freaking cool! 
Forever foods: 9 cooking staples that can outlast you on Shine. Sugar!  Will last forever!  Not just on your shelf but your hips too!
How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen – Yahoo! Shopping. Helpful tips for the job that can never go fast enough.  Smile
5 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Was Just Laid Off – Always good advice – especially today when you probably know, or will know soon, someone who has been laid off.
Fecal Matter Found on 72 Percent of Grocery Carts – EWWW!  How the heck does this kind of thing even happen?!  You need a haz-mat suit just to go grocery shopping anymore!  Yuck!
Eat This for Gorgeous Skin on Shine. Some great tips to help you look purty.  Smile
World’s Most Beautiful Buildings
Some cool buildings to look at.
Five things you never knew about Pac-Man – Video Games Blog Plugged In – Yahoo! Games. They weren’t all after you – it just felt that way.  Winking smile
Biology of Crime: How Criminal Minds Are Different From Yours – I still say killers are made, not born, and still responsible for their actions.
Oral sex now main cause of oral cancer: Who faces biggest risk? – Health Blog – CBS News. I knew you’d want to see this one! 
subway-passes-mcdonalds: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. I honestly didn’t think this would happen in my lifetime. 
Kellogg’s® Share Your Breakfast – Sharing Breakfast with America’s Children. A super worthy cause – c’mon, feed a kid! 

Charlie Sheen qualifies as a man-caused disaster, IMO. 
Our upstairs neighbors had a baby boy!  We didn’t even know until they put a little sign by their door.  How awesome for them! 


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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Thoughts

  1. Onyx

    I read that article about the kitchen cleaning tips… I’ve been working on a “cleaning schedule” to try and save myself time and effort so I am only spending a fraction of time each day cleaning once baby arrives.

    The shopping cart thing is disgusting. Our grocery store has Lysol wipes set up when you come into the store, so you can wipe down the handles and such before getting your cart. But I CONSTANTLY see people grab the cart, and then pull it over to the wipes, wipe it down and go about their way. I think they’ve missed the obvious step the store has set up of “grab a wipe walking through the door TO your cart”.

    Subway passing McDonald’s is surprising, but my biggest problem with Subway is it’s quite expensive in comparison, so when you need cheap on the go it comes down to “hmm should I spend $15 for two combos? Or should I spend over $20?” Sadly, McD’s wins every time. Plus, we aren’t really big fan of sandwiches/subs, either. Mind you,
    Subway is a wonderful way to cap-off a night of drinking 🙂 We don’t go to McD’s anymore though unless we’re on the road travelling and that is simply out of convenience.

    I think you’re right about Charlie sheen.

    Yay baby! 🙂

    A little bit a day, that’s the best way to clean. Have a couple of jobs for each day, or a room for each day, and your home will stay reasonably clean most of the time. Big jobs can be done on weekends.

    I know! Isn’t it terrible that McD’s is so cheap sometimes? I’ve sworn it off – not for the kids – but for me. I feel so yucky every time I eat there that I’ve finally decided that it’s just not worth it. But… I might cheat and get a Shamrock shake this month. They only come out once a year! Taco Bell, on the other hand, goodness the temptation!

    Yay for babies indeed! 😀


    • Onyx

      Yeah, I need to get some sort of schedule going. Or invite Matt’s Mom over once a week, lol she came to paint the nursery yesterday and she vacuumed the floor when she was done… and then she proceeded to vacuum every room in the apartment. I kept telling her to stop, but she’s like “I’m on a roll and I like vacuuming!”

      Not a fan of mint, so the Shamrock Shake does nothing for me… but sadly, their strawberry and chocolate shakes are the BEST shakes in town… anywhere. I’ve ordered shakes elsewhere, just to be upset and think “I should of just hit the McD’s drive-thru”… and it’s only 7am, but now I am thinking about milkshakes… guess I know where I’ll be going later today! 😀

      I have never lived in a community with a Taco Bell, but then one opened up along side the KFC when I was maybe 12 or so in the community about an hour away where the mall and bigger grocery stores were (yeah, I lived that far from civilization). It only lasted a couple years, but once in a while we’d stop and get a bucket of chicken and some tacos and I loved their tacos. Then they took it away and I was so upset about it. Then when I met Matt, there is a Taco Bell on the drive to his parents in one of the outlying communities, but we ALWAYS were driving by when it was closed (we like to travel bright and early, or late at night) so we could never stop in. It became a big joke about how I was destined to NEVER be able to have Taco Bell, but FINALLY a few months ago it was open!

      And it was not as epic as I had remembered, I was thoroughly let down, and it was has since been added to the pile of former childhood favourites which I wish had remained wonderful in my mind. Like Twinkies. Twinkies are awful now.

      Twinkies ARE awful now. 😦 So are Ding-dongs. Don’t ask me how I know this. 😉 I blame HFCS.


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