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Half Past

The kids are halfway through the first quarter of the school year.  So far so good, yay!  I think we’ve adapted to our new schedule pretty well. 

I’ve been working on my little Valentine’s tree most of the afternoon and I think it turned out pretty cute.  I’ll post a snapshot of it in a couple days, so you can see. 

It’s been snowing most of the day around here.  At one point it was coming down so fast my son said it looked like fog.  Yeah, I was done with winter about six weeks ago, personally.  Scratch that.  I was done with winter in 1978. 

No school tomorrow, woo!  The kids and I be enjoying ourselves and doing our level best not to succumb to cabin fever.  😉

How’s the weather by you?  Are you in the dark and drearys too?


Sunrise 02-05-13


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Funny Pictures - Cat GifsMommy?  Are we your minions?”

I sat there staring blankly at her for a second or 2.  Images of myself controlling my children while casting hypnotic spells and cackling gleefully over a steaming cauldron of eye of newt and tail of bat swirled through my brain.  Look deep into my eyes while I perform my magic!

I’m not even sure where she heard the word, but she did have a general idea of its meaning. 

I confess, I pounced on the notion.  “Yes.  Yes you are,” I answered her.  Hey, whatever it takes to manage a kid’s obedience, you take it!  If it helps avoid a fit at bedtime, I’m all over it.  Minions must obey!  It’s kind of a game now, and little miss bossy loves to lord it over her big brother by saying things like, “We’re mommy’s minions and you have to obey her, so quit putting your stinky feet in my face!”  Apparently she was looking for an edge too, heh. 

I’m good with it, even if it does make me sound like an evil sorceress.  It sort of fits with the whole Darc theme of the place, right? 

Eventually she’ll learn that an alternate meaning of minion is "a favorite, darling," from Middle French mignon .  (As in filet minion!)  Winking smile  It also means a favored or highly regarded person, and both her and my boy are definitely that.  Smile

How was your weekend?  Can you believe that next Monday is Labor Day already?  Yikes!

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ah, sibling rivalry

funny pictures - ah, sibling rivalry

I think all kids go through this.  For us, it’s not the blue jacket, it’s the little stuffed yellow flying dragon. 

Once you’ve given it away, you can’t just take it back.  Those are the rules!

It’s hard to be 6. 

However, my resident expert on 6 has told me that being 6 far outweighs being 5. 

Except when it comes to trying to get something back that you’ve already given away.  Winking smile

So, how’s your day going?

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Annoyed yet?

imageIt never fails.  Whenever one kid is sick, the cranky factor amongst siblings rises accordingly. 

He hates being annoyed.  He especially hates being annoyed when he’s sick.  I can’t blame him for that one.  Being sick annoys him.  Coughing and sneezing annoy him.  My asking him if he’s hungry annoys him.  His little sister annoys him.  Everything she says and does is grounds for annoyance. 

Since any and everything she does is annoying, she feels free to be as annoying as possible.  Might as well be strung up for a lion as a lamb, right? 

Mom gets annoyed at all the annoying going on.  “Will you guys knock it off?  Quit annoying each other!  It annoys ME when you annoy each other!”

Hopefully the princess won’t get this bug too.  She told me her throat hurt when she swallowed but she’s prone to make stuff up like that.  He’s getting attention for being sick, she wants some too.  Oh the mind of 5-year-olds!  She’s pretty hardy though so I’m fairly confident that if she hasn’t gotten it by now, she probably won’t.  I hope!

So … how’s your day going?  Smile

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