Working kitteh…

Haz hungry kittens to feed!


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7 thoughts on “Working kitteh…

  1. whatigotsofar

    Not much bacon there. Maybe a single strip each. Sheesh.

    Well it’s not for you! It’s for itteh bitteh kittehs, and one strip would be enough for them.


  2. That cat looks ready to wig out.

    It does look like it’s going into attack mode, doesn’t it? A little freaked out by the barnyard in the living room.


  3. Polar Rose

    Ohhh my gosh that is too cute! I wish my hubby would bring home the bacon that way :o)

    LOL But then you’d have to kill it, and that wouldn’t be cute at all. Bleck!


  4. I don’t know if you know this, but my last is Bacon! So we’ve always got bacon in this house. Oh, and I’m often surprised by the people who need me to spell my last name.

    I did know that! And now I know where I’m going for my next BLT. 😉

    People spell it differently? I mean, really, how many ways are there to spell it?


    • They don’t spell it differently, they just can’t seem to believe that it is really my name. I say, “Bacon.” They look at me blankly. “As in the food,” I add. “Eggs and.”
      “OH! Bacon!” comes the reply.

      I used to say, “As in Kevin.” But not everyone knows who he is anymore apparently.

      I remember seeing him as a very young man on a soap opera, long before the Footloose craze. Yeah, he hasn’t done anything in quite a while, that I’m aware of. Too bad, he’s actually a decent actor.


  5. steve

    gotta love the babies!

    Absolutely! The furry ones and the real ones. 😀


  6. I thought katz kept kosher?

    Only the Jewish kittehs. 😀

    Mapelba – “people who need me to spell my last name” – lol just cast a “spell” on your last name, eh?


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