The End

snoopy_happy_dance_2Guess what?  It’s done!  The writing project my husband has been working on these many months is done!  Finis!  Over!  Finished!  The END!  Woooo! 

I was a little surprised to discover today, going back through some older files, that he started writing on this subject for the other series this publisher puts out, way back in Sept of last year.  Ten whole months ago!  So 3 mos on that project, then revisions and going over the proofs, then on the heels of that one going to print, getting the project for this other series they have and doing the same subject for this one for another 3 months, and wow, that’s a long time to be working on saying the same thing in 2 different ways! 

But he did it!  He banged it out over the holiday weekend and even managed to bring it in before deadline.  So, he’s done writing, and I’m done editing and doing the clean-up and uploading and researching stuff.  Not that my job was nearly as much “heavy lifting” as his was, but I helped some.  Smile 

No more deadlines!  At least for awhile.  I don’t know if he’ll take any more projects since he really wants to breathe for a bit and focus on his fiction work.  I couldn’t be happier about that.  And it was soooooo much fun to watch a movie on Monday and not feel that pressure to get back to working on the project.  We ended up watching something called The Broken.  It was really quite good.  I don’t know if it’s listed as horror or thriller, but there wasn’t any real gore to speak of.  You know how in Psycho you see the blood go down the drain?  Would you consider that gore?  If that was a 1, this movie might be a 2 or 3.  But the tension build-up was done very well.  Even my daughter said, “Why do they play the scary music but then nothing happens?”  I’d just been thinking the same thing and had to laugh at her perceptiveness for picking that up at 5.  Watch out, she’s a future movie critic in the making!  LOL

While our town didn’t have fireworks again for the 3rd year in a row, the local amusement park DID.  And they rocked.  So the kids and I were able to run out when we heard them start up and watch them from the parking lot here.  It was awesome.  Man I adore fireworks!  Especially Independence Day fireworks.  Open-mouthed smile

Did I mention?  I think I tweeted but I don’t think I posted it here – the MiniNess lost her 1st tooth over the weekend.  She was so excited!  Daddy plucked a dollar out of his wallet and handed it to her.  She’s clueless about what money is.  For now.  Winking smile 

So now the holiday and its long weekend is over and the book is done and life can go back to normal now.  Back to housework and school, back to eating right and working out and all that fun stuff. 

And how was your weekend?


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3 thoughts on “The End

  1. I’m very glad you guys are doing good! There is a fireworks show every year here in Joshua and I have the best seat in town … from my back yard we can watch the entire show and hear the high school band.

    That IS the best seat in town! No crowds, no fighting traffic, that rocks! 🙂


  2. Congratulations all around! To you and your hubby for finishing the book, and to MiniNess for losing her tooth! The Tooth Fairy must be a little concerned at how you cut out the middle-man in that transaction, but it’s all good.

    Thanks hon. 🙂 It was a pretty good weekend, all around.

    We didn’t like the Tooth Fairy’s demand of 15% of the take, so we eliminated her. 😉


  3. Huzzah the project is finished! 🙂

    She sounds like such a bright little girl, and she may not know what money is yet, lol but wait until the shoe/purse/clothing obsession kicks in 😉

    Hahaha! Don’t I know it! I’m enjoying this time before that awareness kicks in! 🙂


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