Birds in the hand

So I went out to get the mail and as I was walking back to our place, I saw something unusual hanging from the tree next to our patio.


Huh?  What’s this?

So I peeked in and what did I see?


Two baby birds huddled together, one of them had his little mouth open, and was chirping for food.  I felt so bad.  Kids, I know how to feed, baby birds, not so much.  I have nothing to offer them nor the know-how.


I thought those might be more eggs in the pail, but they’re just some small stones, presumably to keep the pail from swinging too much. 

I don’t know who found the nest and made this make-shift one for them but I have a sinking feeling about it.  Baby birds don’t last long without food.  It’s a gorgeous day and the patio door is open and I can hear them chirping periodically.  I’m hoping the mama comes back.  That she can come back. 

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4 thoughts on “Birds in the hand

  1. OMG! How sweet! I surely hope the mama comes home. I gotta tell you something. A couple weeks ago I was looking out my window into my back yard and I saw the male Cardinal that always comes here … of course the female is with him … usually at a distance. Well, they were on the ground and the female would kind of shake and ruffle her feathers and then open her mouth and the male would come over and drop something in her mouth. They did this several times. It was awesome! Never saw that before … probably never will again. Very rewarding … but that’s just ol’ Steve.

    What a sweet story! Cardinal’s have such a pretty song. 🙂 We used to have a pair where we used to live. I’d often see them playing in the neighbor’s birdbath. 🙂

    Unfortunately, the pail was gone this morning. I fear the little birds didn’t make it. 😦


  2. Oh, I noticed you don’t have my new blog listed … 😦
    That’s okay … I have two or three visitors a day anyway. Still luv ya!

    Oh no! I’m so sorry! How remiss of me. Please forgive?

    I’ve updated with your new blog, both here and on my political site. 🙂

    Love you too. 🙂


  3. Aw, poor little cuties. The cycle of life is sometimes too short.

    I agree. It was sad. 😦


  4. 😦 this makes me sad </3

    When I was little we took everything in that was missing a mom. My parents would make us observe them first to ensure they were on their own, and then we would take them home. I had this wild rabbit… I named him Little Foot (after The Land Before Time movie), and bottle fed him, and cuddled him, but he didn't live very long. I was crushed.

    It was sad. I wish I knew what happened, how they got there and who took them away.


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